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Losing your Follower Count? Find out Who Unfollowed you on Instagram, right now!

Are your Instagram followers unfollowing your page? Check out the top ways to find out who no longer follows you.

Here, at QuickFansandLikes.com, our clients often pose us one query, “Is it possible to find out who unfollowed my account on Instagram?” The truth is that Instagram doesn’t offer this functionality in the native app.

Just like Facebook doesn’t allow users to find out who viewed their profile, you cannot directly find out who unfollowed you on Instagram.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are the best ways to check out you abandoned your Instagram account.

It’s Human Nature to Want to Know who Unfollowed You

All Instagram users want to have a healthy follower count, whether they openly admit it or not.

While getting new followers is topmost in the minds of Insta addicts, retaining current followers also matter.

So, how do you Find who Unfollowed You on Insta?

A quick google search, with the phrase, “How to find who unfollowed my Instagram account?” lists plenty of third-party apps that offer this functionality.

But, do they work as promised? Not sure, which app to use?

Worry not! This is where, we come in! Here, in this post, we list the top apps that offer this functionality and tell you which works, and which doesn’t. Let’s dive in.

Finding out Who Unfollowed You, the Manual Way – Is it Worth the Time Spent?

The most effective and straight forward way to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram is to check it out manually.

The best way to do this is by keeping track of your exact followers and the number daily. If you notice the number falling, go through your follower list and find out who’s gone missing.

You can then head to their “Following” list to figure out whether they are still following you or not.

While this may seem straightforward, this hugely time-consuming and practically impossible, if you have plenty of followers.

The smarter way to keep track of your follower count is to use a specialized tool or app, which keeps track of your follows and unfollows.

Instagram has Restrictions for Third-Party Apps

For privacy reasons, Instagram has limited the functionalities and features available to third-party apps.

This means, third-party apps are severely restricted in what they can and cannot do.

This is the reason why, there are plenty of apps available for Android and iOS that claim they can tell you who unfollowed you, but in reality, don’t.

Does that mean, you cannot find out who unfollowed you? No, indeed there are several reliable third-party apps, which have this functionality. Here’s a list of the options that work:

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  1. Follow Meter

Follow Meter is one of the popular Instagram analytics apps. It lets you know who unfollowed you and more.

It’s available for both iOS and Android. Once you install the app on your phone, you will be asked to log into your Instagram account via the app.


Once logged in, you can find the dashboard, that shows you who unfollowed you, along with your recent followers.

You can also find out users who you are following, but who don’t follow you back.

While most of the features are free, you’ll have to pay for the advanced functionalities.

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  1. Followers Tracker Pro for iOS

This is another popular app for Instagram insights. Though this app is free to download, you’ll have to subscribe for added features.

The clean and intuitive interface is easy to use and helps to keep track of who follows/unfollows you quickly.

Just click on the Lost Followers tab to see your recent list of unfollowers.


Additionally, the app also lets you monitor deleted comments and likes, track your average number of likes for every post, find out who’s posting near to you and more.

The app is often updated (several times a month). This is a good sign that indicates the app is keeping up with the changes made by the Instagram API.

However, it’s only available for iOS.

  1. Follow Cop

This one’s pretty popular with Android users. The app is quite elegant and intuitive.

It lets you track all the top insights like – unfollowers (users who recently unfollowed you), people whom you follow but don’t follow you back, the top likers for the images you post and so on.


However, one glitch is that it doesn’t show all your unfollowers, but only those who recently unfollowed you.

So, make sure to keep checking it frequently to catch your latest unfollowers. Additionally, Follow Cop also makes it easy to manage your followers.

You can use filters to differentiate real followers from fake ones in your profile and unfollow several users at a time.

Right now, this app is only available for Android.

Other Apps that offer this Functionality


Here are a few other apps that let you monitor those who unfollowed you. However, these apps aren’t free or have mixed reviews, with few users against it.

  • StatusBrew
  • Picodash
  • Unfollowgram
  • Social Insight
  • Social Bakers

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Final Thoughts, A Word of Caution – Be Wary of Third-Party Apps that use your Instagram Data

In your quest to find out which of your followers left you, make sure that you don’t end up compromising the privacy of your Instagram data.

Be careful, check reviews to avoid losing your data to non-trustworthy third-party apps.

If you have tried an app and found it to be useless, make sure to revoke the app’s permission to access your Instagram account.

Head to “Authorized Applications” on your settings page and click on the “Revoke Access” button.

Remember to Stay Safe and Protect your Data!

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