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Are You Not Able to View Someone’s Instagram Page? You Might Be Blocked!

As one of the most popular social networking platforms, more than 500 million people use Instagram on a daily basis.

You can follow people on Instagram and their posts, photos, and videos are then made available on your Instagram feed.

But what if you’ve suddenly stopped seeing updates from your ex-best friend or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend? Chances are they might have blocked you.

Instagram offers a handy feature which allows you to block people. Once you block someone, they cannot see your updates and posts.

Be it a friend, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, or just an annoying follower, you can easily block them and they won’t be able to see your posts ever again.

But how to know if someone has blocked you? What if you want to block someone? How to make your profile Private? Continue reading to find out.

If you believe that you’ve been blocked by someone on Instagram, you can easily confirm it with the help of the 5 steps discussed below-

  1. Search them on Instagram

If you’ve recently noticed that someone’s updates are missing from your Instagram feed but you very well know that the person is generally very active here, open the app and try searching for the person who you believe has blocked you.


Even if the person has blocked you, you’ll still be able to find them.

Once you find them, select their profile and you should be able to easily see their photos, videos, and other updates.

In that case, the person might not really be uploading anything on Instagram due to which their posts are missing from their feed.

  1. If you cannot see the photos and updates

If you do not see their latest photos and updates but the top bar on their page says that they do have pictures on their profile, the chances are that the person has blocked you.

Apart from this, now there are several online tools where you can check the number of people who’ve unfollowed you. As soon as someone blocks you on Instagram, they also unfollow you.

However, when you are using such tools make sure that you remember that it is not necessary to block someone to just unfollow them.

You can unfollow anyone you want without blocking them as well.

  1. You cannot find their profile when you search

If you are unable to find someone’s Instagram profile, there is a possibility that they might have turned their profile “Private” or have simply deactivated their account.

If their account is now “Private”, there is no way to know whether they have blocked you.


However, there are still a few ways to find out if a Private account has blocked you.

For instance, you can try finding them through tagged posts.

If there are posts of your mutual friends where you as well as the other profile owner have been tagged, you can select their tag to reach their profile.

If you reach their profile and cannot see any posts or updates, then the person has blocked you.

  1. Confirm it through a friend’s account

If by now it is proven that someone has blocked you but you are still finding it difficult to digest the fact and are looking for a confirmation, you can easily do so through a friends account.

Ask your friend to log into their Instagram account and see if you can find that person from your friend’s account.

If you can, then you are definitely blocked by that person. If not, try step 3 again.

  1. Your DMs won’t reach them

Once you’ve confirmed that someone has blocked you, the next step for you would be to know the reason why. While you do have the option to send them DM, know that they will never receive your messages.

The whole idea of blocking someone is to ensure that they are not able to access your posts or contact you.

So, if someone has blocked you, remember that there is no use of sending any private messages.

What Can You Do Now?

Once someone has blocked you on Instagram, there is not really much you can do on Instagram.

At the most, if a friend of yours is following the same person and is not blocked, you can just use your friend’s account to check their posts or maybe even send them a private message.

If this is not an option for you, the next thing you can do is to search for their mobile number or email address to directly contact them.

Alternatively, there are now Instagram web viewers which claim to let you view Private profiles as well as profiles of people who have blocked you. Try them and see if it works.

Unless you know the user who has blocked you personally or believe there is a misunderstanding, it is better to respect their privacy and just let things as they are.

Do not let your ego take over and make an issue out of it. Just let it go.

Now that you’ve understood how you can know if someone has blocked you, how about knowing what to do if you want to block someone? Or if you want to set your profile “Private”? Keep reading.

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How to Block Someone on Instagram?

Thankfully, blocking someone is not as difficult as finding whether or not someone has blocked you.

If you want to block someone, simply go to their profile and select the 3 dots icon (Android) or the gear icon (iOS). You’ll now see the option to block them.


Press it and the person would be blocked. They will no longer be able to see your posts, photos or videos.

What if you want to unblock someone on Instagram? Simply follow the same steps. You’ll find the “unblock” option when you select the Settings on their profile. Select it and they’ll get to see your posts again.

What about Private Profile?

If you do not anyone and everyone to follow you and get access to your posts, you can set your profile Private.

Read this informative Mashable post on the benefits of keeping your Instagram account private.

When this feature is activated, only approved followers are able to see your content and interact with you.

To activate this, go to your Instagram Profile Settings and then select Account Privacy.

Here you’ll find the Private Account option. Toggle it to “On” and your profile would be set to Private.


Know that once you activate this mode, you’ll receive requests from people who want to follow you and see your content. You have the right to ignore or approve them.

Also, if your account was public until now and you do not want someone to see your posts after you’ve made it private, you’ll have to block them manually.

Note that people who are not following you can still directly send you videos and photos if they are not blocked.


The idea behind Instagram was to provide people with a platform where they can share their expression and get inspired by people all over the world.

With the help of these features, Instagram wants to make sure that users do not spam other people and the platform remains a safe and secure place to network with known and unknown users throughout the world.

Respect the privacy of other users and use it responsibly.

Millions of people block others and get blocked every day.

Use the information mentioned in this post to confirm if someone has blocked you and if it is the case, do not start looking for unethical ways to reach the person who has blocked you.

Remember that if Instagram detects any suspicious activity in your account, they might even block your account permanently. Stay safe and use the platform responsibly.

For other helpful posts on Instagram, make sure that you do check other blogs on our website.

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