Upload to Instagram from PC

How to Upload to Instagram from PC

Instagram is a famous photo-sharing app that enables you to post photos and videos on the go.

However, it does not allow you to upload anything to your Instagram profile from its desktop site.

To upload professionally edited connect from PC to your Instagram profile, first, you have to send everything to your phone and post through the official app.

If looking for some easy and less time-consuming ways to post to Instagram from your desktop, this handy guide is just for you.


Uploading photos to Instagram from PC

Making Instagram more accessible, now this photo-sharing platform lets you upload pictures using its fully functional mobile website.

While this method does not let you upload videos to Instagram from a computer, with a little tweaking, this functionality allows you to upload photos to your profile from a PC.

Changing browser user agent:

If you want to upload pictures to Instagram from a computer without any need of a third-party tool, you have to switch your desktop browser to the mobile version of Instagram.com manually by going to the developer option.

This method does not work with video files.

For Windows:

Step 1: Click the three vertical dots (⋮) on the top-right corner of the screen to find the ‘New incognito window’ in Chrome menu.

Step 2: Now go to ‘Setting’(⋮) > More tool> Developer tools. You can directly bring up the Chrome Developer tool by pressing Ctrl-Shift-I.

Step 3: Find the icon that looks like a tablet or mobile (two-rectangle icon) and placed to the left of ‘Element’ on the Developer toolbar. As soon as you click on it, Chrome window will start displaying things in mobile view and lets you select a mobile device to simulate. To switch to the mobile version on Instagram site directly, press Ctrl-Shift-M from your keyboard.

Step 4: Now go to Instagram.com and login to your account to get access to your Instagram feed in mobile view. Click on the camera button at the bottom and select any image that you have stored on the computer. If this process does not function properly in the first go, refresh the page and try again. You can upload only one photo at a time.

Before uploading a picture, you can crop, add filters, hashtags, and caption and do everything that you can do on the Instagram mobile app.

As long as you are using Firefox version 52 or higher, you can upload pictures on Instagram from PC following the same above-mentioned process.

Alternatively, you can also install user-agent switch extension for your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Available for other browsers such as Safari, Opera the add-ons let you change the user agent setting as per you will.

For Safari:

To change the user agent on Safari, first, you have to enable the ‘Develop’ option by going to Safari > Preferences > Advanced. To get Developer menu added on your Safari navigation bar, make sure that the box next to “Show Develop menu in menu bar” is toggled on.

Now, go to Developer >User Agent and choose Safari — iOS 10 — iPhone. You will get the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to upload photos to Instagram from your desktop.

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How to upload videos to Instagram from a desktop?

When it comes to increasing the Instagram views for your business, the role of Instagram videos and stories are inevitable.

While uploading pictures from PC on Instagram just requires a little tweaking, unfortunately, there is no way to upload video from PC to Instagram.

Check out these tricks to upload a video directly to Instagram from your PC’s hard drive.

 Cloud storage method (Google Drive & Dropbox)

Cloud storage is like a virtual hard drive where you can store your files and photos.


You can access them on any device with the apps installed.

Once you create an account and sync your data in the cloud you are using, you can easily upload your content to Instagram from PC.


Creating a virtual mobile device on your computer, Emulators run your favourite mobile apps inside them in full screen.

Emulators are software that allows your PC to mimic another system. Bluestacks is one of the best Android mobile emulators that works on both PC and Mac.

  • Download the Instagram App on BlueStack
  • Find MyApps, and click on System app folder
  • Open Media Manager and select Import From Windows
  • Import your files then go back to the Instagram App
  • Publish photos/videos as you normally would on your device

Third-party apps:

While the advanced Instagram downloaders enable you to download private Instagram videos or photos, several third-party tools or software available online let you upload contents to your profile from a desktop.

Gramblr: Compatible with Windows and Mac, Gramblr is one of the most popular third-party tools that let you upload both videos and photos to Instagram via the web.

Featuring an easy to use interface with drag and drop function, Gramblr is a free tool. Owing to its enhanced editing tools, Gramblr is very powerful for growing your Instagram follower count and engagement.

Grum: This web tool lets you organize, schedule and upload images/videos to Instagram, right from your computer. After three days of trial, this service is not free.

Flume: Flume is a native Mac app that allows you to edit, comment and upload content to Instagram directly from PC. This tool also lets you view total Instagram likes, comment, and views on content.

From allowing, you to edit and upload videos/pictures to Instagram from PC to automating and scheduling of posts, there are wide varieties of third-party tools like Instafuge, Schedugram, Uplet, Deskgram etc that can make your Instagram account popular on the web.

Depending on the numbers and sizes of files, you want to upload from your PC to Instagram profile, try one of these above-mentioned tricks.

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