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How to upload GIF to Instagram?

As per an Instagram report, almost 80% of their 1 billion active monthly users now follow at least one business on the app.

Moreover, at least 30% of the users have purchased a product which they first saw on Instagram.

As a business owner or someone responsible for marketing a brand on social platforms, these stats clearly define the importance of Instagram for business success.

Instagram is an excellent platform for business to stay connected to the audience through photos, videos, stories, and posts.

But while the platform allows you to share all the different types of fun visuals, it does not support GIFs.

While animated GIFs have been around for a long time, it is only recently that brands have started using them for communicating their point with the help of universal humor.


While social platforms like Facebook and Twitter support GIFs, the same is not true for Instagram.

So, is there no alternative to share GIFs and increase your Instagram followers and likes? Fortunately, there are actually a few different ways to upload GIFs on Instagram.

If you want to use GIFs to promote your brand on Instagram, these are some of the most common ways-

  1. Use Giphy app

One of the easiest ways to share GIFs on Instagram is with the help of Giphy app.

Available for Android and iOS, the app lets you share GIFs in the form of short video files on Instagram.

After downloading the app, open it and you can browse through a vast collection of GIFs.

Once you select a GIF, look for the “Share It” option where you can find the Instagram icon.

When you tap that icon, the Instagram app will open automatically and the selected GIF would be added to your Camera Roll in the app.

From there, you can easily post it as any normal video file.

In case if the GIF you like is not available on Giphy app, you can download the GIF to your device and then upload it to the library in Giphy.

Follow the steps mentioned above to post it on Instagram.

  1. GIFLab

If you are using an iOS device and don’t mind spending some money to be able to share GIFs on your Instagram, GIFLab is a great option.

It is a paid app which is one of the fastest and most user-friendly apps for sharing GIFs.

But unlike Giphy app, there is no GIFs collection in the GIFLab app.

It only lets you convert your GIF file into .mp4 format which you can upload as a video to your Instagram page.

Once you have the GIF file you want to post saved on your device, open GIFLab and tap the “GIF to Instagram” option.

This will open your device library from where you can select the GIF that you’d like to share.

You can adjust the playback speed of the GIF before uploading.

After adjusting the playback, select the “Save and share on Instagram” option and the GIF (.mp4 video file) will be added to your Instagram camera roll.

  1. GIFMaker

A SocialMediaToday post suggests that one of the best ways to stand out on social media is to be creative.

Rather than posting an already available GIF, you can create your own GIFs that you can share on Instagram with GIFMaker app.

Available for Android and iOS, the app allows you to crop videos to create GIFs and edit them before posting on Instagram.


You can also use hundreds of photos and funny stickers for creating your GIFs.

Just like the GIFLab app mentioned above, GIFMaker also converts your GIFs into .mp4 video files if you want to upload them to Instagram.

While the app comes with a number of great features, most of the advanced features can only be unlocked after you purchase the app.

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  1. Boomerang

While there are a number of ways to attract Instagram followers, one of the best ones is to regularly upload GIF-like videos on your Instagram page.

As a matter of fact, Instagram has its own app known as Boomerang for the same.

Available for Android and iOS, the app lets you create very short funny videos with your mobile phone’s camera.

After downloading the app, you only need to allow the app to use your device’s camera to start shooting mini GIF-like videos.

The app takes 10 pictures quickly with your device’s front or rear camera and stitches them for creating the GIF video.

Once you’ve captured a video, you’ll get the option to share it on Facebook or Instagram.

When you select Instagram, the Instagram app would open and the video would be automatically added to the camera roll and ready to post.

  1. Online converters

Apart from the mobile apps which can be used for converting GIFs into .mp4 video files, there are also several online converters which you can use.

Some of the most popular options are EzGIF, GIF-2-MP4, FreeFileConvert, Convertio, and GIFtoMP4.

Most of these online converters allow you to upload GIFs from your computer or convert them to .mp4 directly from their URL.

Once the conversion is done, you can then transfer the video to your mobile and then upload it to your Instagram or also do it through Instagram web.

While this surely is a slightly more complicated process than using a converter app, the Instagram comments, likes and followers that the videos can bring makes it worth it.


From telling a story, explaining a process, or just showcasing the creativity and personality of your brand, there are several ways in which GIFs can help you grow your Instagram page.

While it’d be great if Instagram starts supporting GIFs, until then, the options discussed above are some of the best ways for uploading GIFs on Instagram.

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