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200+ Best summer Quotes and Captions

Summer is one of the best times of the year.  Vacations for students for, happy times for employees and happiness all around. Everyone likes to take photos in summer and upload them on Instagram.

But sometimes finding a perfect caption can be as hard as finding cooling in summer.

And for that reason we brings you the list of hand written summer captions by our professional writers.

These captions will give your Instagram profiles a cool look that will make you famous among friends.

We have captions for cool summer, hot summer, classy summer quotes, and what not. You will find yourself satisfied from our list of captions-

  • How can people even hate summer, look around all different ice creams to eat.
  • The best thing about summer is not ice cream but ice creams 😉
  • It is that time of year when we party and chill all day, its SUMMER.

summer quotes

Best witty and smart summer Quotes 

Summer; that time of year when everyone likes o enjoy, take pictures and upload them on Instagram.

But sometimes you are not able to figure out the perfect caption for your photo. At that moment we come in handy by providing you the perfect captions for your photos.

We have captions on every occasion of summer such as trending captions, original captions, funny summer captions, smart summer captions, witty captions, cool captions, hot captions, intelligent captions and captions on what not.

And to get them all you just have to keep scrolling in our list and you will find yourself with the caption you were looking for.

Best Summer Quotes and Captions for all your posts

  • I love summers. All we have to do is eat and sleep.
  • Summer is like heaven when you have so many options to chill from
  • Wake me up when this summer ends, I am activating my panda mode on.
  • Summer is the time of having fun and chilling with sun!
  • Boys beware! I am as hot as the sun itself.
  • Girls if you are looking for something cool in the summer then contact me 😉
  • A pool party with friends and lots of fun is what makes your summer best.
  • Everything is getting hot in this summer, except for me. I am still the coolest.
  • I don’t remember the summer of 69 because I am busy making this summer memorable.
  • Summer is the best time of year, so many bright colors’ clothes to choose from.
  • The sunset of summer and favorite song lyrics on repeat is the best therapy.
  • Sitting under a tree in summer is same as sitting in heaven.
  • I love summer so much that I feel like celebrating it s festival.
  • Summer is the best time for a cricket lover, he/she can watch IPL all day.
  • Long drive in summer is the journey which no one wants to end ever.
  • You know what goes along. Summer and fun.
  • Take a chill with friends in summer is what everyone desires for.
  • Sitting under the sky and stargazing is what excites me for summer.
  • Summer nights can be more fun if you are on a night out with your friends.
  • A bike ride on a summer night with someone special at back is all you need in this summer.
  • Summer comes in life to fill the emptiness of complete year.
  • I have an unnamed relation with summer, its called chilling a having party.
  • If you are traveler, there is no better time to travel than in summer.
  • Travel to seas, mountains or your favorite places because it is summer time baby.
  • If you love trekking then your wait is over, it is summer finally.
  • Yippee, it is SUMMER.
  • Take me to the party after all it summer time baby.
  • Howe could anyone be not excited for summer?
  • People who are excited for summer as if festival is coming are the type of people I need more in my life.
  • Summer makes me feel like dancing all night with YOU.
  • People who are born in summer are lucky, so long vacations to enjoy their birthday.
  • How can I relax, it is my favorite time of year. It is SUMMER baby.
  • If I love anything more than summer then it is thought of chilling in summer.
  • If I love anything more than summer… just kidding I do not love anything more than summer.
  • If you need peace them medicate or wait for summer, it is the same thing.
  • Everything is good about summer except for the heat. Oh wait!
  • I love summer except for the heat part.
  • Summer would have been more fun if there would not be any heat in it. 😛
  • I wish there was a off button for this heat of summer.
  • Sometimes, I feel sun is here to roast us brown.
  • To have summer snacks and a lover by your side is all I need in this summer.
  • If someone has to blame for my craziness, it has to be summer.
  • Summer is all good and happy until it actually starts to get warmer.
  • I am out of mind and need a rain over me, this summer is too hot to handl.
  • Warning! Explicit material: as hot as summer.
  • Warning! Advised to stay away. This person is getting and hotter daily.
  • I feel I m getting all my hotness from the sun itself.
  • Sun may be the hottest in summer but I am hot all the times.
  • Being cool is an art that only few masters.
  • If any girl needs to be get cool in this hot summer then contact Mr. cool.
  • Hey sun can you stop competing with me in terms of hotness you will lose.
  • Hey girl, if sun ever bothers you with its hotness call me I will show it my coolness.
  • Sun please can you stop getting any hotter we all are roasted.
  • Summer is like a big tower because you can enjoy it from either far away or from being at top of it.
  • Summer makes me realize how hot the sun is.
  • I love all the seasons equally, just summer a little more.
  • If I have to eliminate any season from the calendar it will be the summer.
  • I love all the seasons equally, not you summer.
  • How can I not love summer, after all it is vacation time.
  • If I need a summer vacation, it has to be one like a ben10.
  • Summer is like that annoying friend whom you can tolerate only for a while.
  • Go summer go! No I am not cheering you, I am literally asking you to go.
  • It’s too hot here, I want to break up with summer.
  • Summer is like relatives, you only enjoy their company for a little while.
  • Summer is like your ex, no matter how hot it gets you will not like it anyway.
  • Someone show my ex the current temperature, she thinks she is the hottest of all.
  • Summer is like my ex, both are too hot but nobody still likes them.
  • I wish we could control summer just like my friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend controls him/her.
  • Thought of summer makes me as nervous as a exam makes a student nervous.
  • If you are a sunrise/sunset lover, summer is the best time of year to fill your appetite for it.
  • How could you not like summer? Have you not seen any sunrise/sunset like this before?
  • In summer all I day is eat and wait for it to end. And when it ends I wait for another summer.
  • Waiting for summer like a team waits for their defeat. Exactly, I don’t want it to come ever.
  • Summer makes me shut it all down (windows and heat sources) because I don’t like one bit of it.
  • Look outside, too hot to go outside.
  • Summer! Summer! Go away come again NEVER.
  • I need that type of confidence where I will be confident enough to wear black in summer.
  • Things that look easy but are not- passing exams without studying and wearing white in summer without making it dirty.
  • The kind of people who always wear two layers of clothing are the ones who causes me trust issues.
  • How can you not love summer? Just like, I do not love you anymore. That would have burned more than sunburn.
  • I do not know how people enjoy summer, all I day is to try adjusting the correct temperature for AC.
  • Summer please go, you have burned us all.
  • The only good thing about summer is…wait there is not any.
  • The only good thing about summer is that rain comes after it.
  • You know why I like summers? Because I can avoid my teachers for complete 2 months.
  • Summer is incomplete without a trip to your hometown.
  • To enjoy summer is like enjoying a capital punishment. Nobody enjoys it.
  • Summer is like chilling in heaven except there is no heaven.
  • Have you ever seen anyone happy in summer? No!
  • Summer is that part o year where you either enjoy too much or stay at home and hides rom sun. I guess I am type one.
  • I am in love with summer, after all which season brings so many food options to eat from.

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summer captions

  • Summer and family trip. Perfect for fighting the sun.
  • Summer and a long road trip with your siblings is what everyone should do in summer.
  • If summer cannot bring you coolness, you should go to it. #poolparty.
  • Summer can be enjoyed too, all you have to do is sit in home with Ac turned on.
  • Best part of summer is ice cream and this sun does not let me eat that too peacefully; melts it everytime.
  • Summer is the part of year, which is to remind that why we should not play with nature because, and then nature plays with us.
  • Summer you are the best because you brings me vacation.
  • If summer is hot and humid, I am cool and sexy.
  • I don’t fear the heat of summer, I am cool enough to fight it.
  • Sometimes I feel like giving tantrums to the sun, I am that cool.
  • Sun is oddly hot; he is the hottest but still attracts very few boys.
  • A summer without the sun will be a good idea.
  • Summer and sunshine, the worst combination to have.
  • I am an extrovert, fun loving, wandering in the city type person but then summer happened.
  • Summer and rainy seasons are alike, one time it showers us with heat while at others the water.
  • What is the best thing about summer? Don’t look at my picture for answer, I don’t know that is why I am asking.
  • Summer is all about how much you can have fun while fighting the sun.
  • Kids love summer for the same reason their parents hate it. THE VACATION
  • My summer plans include to click as many selfies as possible.
  • Summer is my ex’s favourite season because this is the only time when she is hot.
  • What is that one thing we don’t like in summer? Yes, THE SUMMER itself.
  • Why can’t summers be any more cooler? Because they are hot. #summer_pun
  • Summer can oddly love, you want to go out and play in heat but at the same time it’s hot enough.
  • Summer is like that annoying brother whom you love and hate at the same time.
  • How doens’t like the summer, it’s all good and happy. By the way, if anyone doens’t then message me, we will bitch about it together.
  • What goes side by side? Summer and bitching with my girl friends.
  • The only reason we meet in this Summer is so that we can whine about it together.
  • The friend who comes to help you in this hot summer is your true friend.
  • Summer and ice cream go side by side.
  • If there’s some happiness it is with friends and summer.
  • Loving summer like I love my ex, exactly I HATE THEM BOTH!
  • What is the one good thing about summer? You can blame your introvert nature on heat.
  • Summer can be all happiness and being cold or just sadness and hotness.
  • It’s good to have a summer season, it helps in a reality check with girls knowing them they aren’t the hottest.
  • Swimming in the summer is the best rejuvenation ever.
  • Happiness is like a cold day in summer in this age of backstabbers.
  • Summer, sinner, shedding sweat.
  • If there’s one good thing about summer then somebody please tell me, because I can’t find any.
  • Yayyayy! Summer is here. Who won’t be excited for summer to get all sweaty and forced to stay at home.
  • Every summer reminds me of my childhood and the memories which I cherish now.
  • The only way to fight summer is through ice creams and cold drinks.
  • Everytime I made lemonade in summer I feel like a freaking chef.
  • Hey there summer, wishing you happy first day of summer.
  • Here by I announce the commencement of summer through this picture of mine.
  • Life is a happy and better when you are lying on the beach under the sun.
  • I want another episode of summer for next 2 months, please.
  • Summer days come to an end so are our holidays.
  • The summer tans always fade with next season but the memories are something which lasts forever.
  • Having a dream about summer that will last forever can be the worst nightmare ever.
  • Some dreams are made from sand and under the sun.
  • Under the sun, high on summer.
  • Stop chasing summer and start enjoying the heat.
  • It is that time of year when we take out our flip-flops. Yes baby, its summer time.
  • See sea
  • Keep calm it is summer time baby.
  • This is that time of year when we shed our warm clothes, it is summer time.
  • You see, this is my beach time selfie.
  • Beach and summer. What else do we need more? How about a massage. Sorted!
  • Sun shines and happiness spreads.
  • Summer steals my heart like it is blooming in my heart.
  • Summer nights are best!
  • Life can be so much better when you are in bikini.
  • Waiting for summer to be in my bikini to flaunt.
  • I am the summer loving girl/boy.
  • I like summers, where else I will get this cool exprssions.
  • Pool in, stress out.
  • Summer in. tension out.
  • Blue skies and bright sun, what a lovely day.
  • Watching sunset this summer like people watch Netflix and prime videos.
  • The only vitamin I need this summer is the vitamin sea.
  • Some girls want to have fun but I just want to have sun.
  • Roasted in summer.
  • Something magical happens every year between April and June we call it summer.
  • Pretending to love summer until its get out of fashion.
  • Pretending to love summer is the new trend.
  • If sun can shine this bright then why not me.
  • Even the sun is shining but not my future.
  • Sun has so many degrees and I even can’t even complete one of them.
  • Facing the sun to avoid the shadows.
  • Waking in sunshine can be the best thing you can experience in the summer.
  • If sun shines over me, I take shelter in clouds.
  • Wandering the city lie a nomad in sun.
  • Exploring wilds in this sun.
  • She said she loves summer and ever since. I am in love with this season too.
  • It is summer time, if you want to find me I will be under the palm tree.
  • It is always summer at some part of earth or on my body because I am born hot.
  • Summer and fun can be together, all you have to do is put away the stress and find a beach to dive in.
  • I love summer for the pool parties and the drinks.
  • The best thing about summer is that it is summer and everything is good about it.
  • A perfect summer is all about having no summer in it, then it will be perfect day.
  • How can I love summer when I have my birthday in winter.
  • Summer give us delicious food, places to travel, beaches to visit and flaunt my summer hot body.
  • I maintain summer even in winters by being lazy and eating ice creams?
  • Summer vacation are for kids, real man take vacation at any time and pretend it to be summer.
  • A perfect summer exits on beach in bikini.
  • I love Sunday on a sunny day.
  • You make me smile like a sun makes me smile.
  • Summer is for adventures and by adventure I mean going out in sun without getting a sun stroke or falling ill.
  • Summer is all about sun and sun and sun and sun…oh wait… why do we have so much sun in summer.
  • Its summer time baby and I am going to stay up all night wandering the town like its summer time.
  • I love summer because the cool summer breeze makes my hair go crazy in dance.
  • I love summer breezes because they makes your long hair fly and everytime they do fly my heart skips a beat.
  • If you want to make your summer day special then you should hang out with me.
  • I am putting this selfie here to officially announce my acceptance of summer for this year.
  • Summer time baby!
  • Reading your favorite book in summer time can be the best therapy you need from heat.
  • How can summer be so much romantic and annoying at the same time?
  • Summer is summer for everyone but for me it is the time of year when I travel to different places.
  • Everyone enjoys summer except for engineers because they are busy doing their internship.
  • Reading books in summer time is the best thing an introvert can do.
  • I like summer because I can read for a long time in day light.
  • The summer is about to end very soon and so is my last childhood year.
  • Before the summer ends this year I want to reboot it o the starting point.
  • I want to give summer a speeding ticket so that next time it does not pass this fast.
  • I want summer to end but not the end of summer.
  • Why do we have to put caption for summer? Isn’t my picture self satisfying?
  • I need a good caption for my summer selfie.
  • Leaving the caption place empty because the picture is too hot to handle.
  • What a relief! I survived another summer season.
  • I should be given gallantry award for surviving summer in so much style.
  • Every summer is hopeful and has three parts starting, fun and end. Thank god we are still at the fun part.
  • I know the summer will end soon and it is very saddening.’
  • I am a student and on behalf of all the students I demand summer two timesa year for 6 months each.
  • Everytime summer I make memories, which last forever because they are engulfed in me by heating me to a wild temperature.
  • Summer would be boring and sad if there would not be any winter to make us realize the importance of it.
  • I am a winter person and my girlfriend is a summer person and that makes both us love summer.
  • Its summer, and I wanted to stay at home and my girlfriend wanted to visit a beach. So we compensated and found a middle way by visiting a beach.
  • Every summer that come has a story which lasts till the coming year.
  • A summer night with stars twinkling is what every couple seeks to enjoy with the company of their loved one.
  • I want a date in summer under a date tree.
  • I like waking up early in summer and then realizing I am on vacation and I do not need to wake up early.
  • Lying under the sun with my suns-cream on is my favorite to-do of summer.
  • High tides and surfing are two things that go along together in summer.
  • I am tropical hot in this amazing hot summer.
  • I am a girl and I just want to have a sun.
  • Summer is best for a mango lover and a fun loving person.
  • People who like winters are the ones who have so much cold in their heart.
  • Look at my new summer shades and my new summer look.
  • I always keep a pair of shades handy , you never know when you feel like looking sun in the eye and telling him to fuck off.
  • The girls who wear sun glasses in summer may not have as beautiful eyes as I do.
  • I am shades of blue in night and shades of bright sun in day. I am talking about my sunglasses.
  • From summer sun I have learned that we should shine like the world is ours to conquer.
  • We are talking about colors and sunshine is my favorite of all.
  • I do not know why other girls do not like summer, after all where else I can flaunt my super sexy body.
  • I am as hot as the sun itself can be.
  • Summer is not just a season, it is a time to sing and dance lie a crazy human being.
  • Summer is not summer if you do not have a pool party with your gang.
  • I do not know how I survived the summer but I am happy that it is gone and I am blooming again.
  • The beauty of summer can be seen through filter of your sunglasses.
  • Summer is for shedding clothes and wearing your swim suit.
  • I like summer because I like it. who are you to ask why? 😛
  • Those winter nights which caused you suffering has gone and now you have turned into the man of summer.
  • I like summer because….. too lazy to think.
  • It was the summer of that year when I was born and since then summer and I grew a bond together.
  • People who run from summer probably do not know the right places to hang out and chill.
  • Tell me you like to have fun in the sun and if you do not tell then nothing because I was not giving a fuck at the first place.
  • Summer sight becomes even interesting when you have a beautiful bird view to watch every evening from your home.
  • Summer is the time when you can witness the sunset while having your favorite beer in your hand.
  • I love summer because sunsets are longer and even beautiful.
  • Summer is the best time to get married with so many exotic locations to choose for destination marriage or even honeymoon.
  • Summer is best part of year for girls because we can wear colors as bright as the sun itself.
  • I am a sports lover and I wait for summer desperately so that I can watch them all without any stress.

Best summer captions / quotes on occasion of sarcasm

Everyone wants a good summer caption and if it can be sarcastic and funny then what else, you need.

To fulfill this desire and also of getting more likes on your Instagram pictures use captions by us.

We have captions for us that will keep your friends in awe and will ask you the source of your captions.

These captions can be used for sunglasses pictures, pictures on beach, sand pictures or any occasion of summer.

Click a picture and leave the captions for us and we will make sure your Instagram upload looks as beautiful as you.

  • I crave for summer like a child craving for ice cream. However, I crave for ice creams to 😉
  • To travel like a wanderer is the best thing about summer.
  • Summer is as close as we can get to heaven.

Best summer Quotes / captions for pool party

What else can be better than a pool party in summer? Yes, a pool party selfie with your friends or even a solo picture.

Next come is to find the correct caption for it because without a caption picture is like a pool without a water or summer without a heat.

We have captions for why you love summer, why you hate summer, comparing summer with other seasons, witty summer captions, funny summer captions.

In short, you click a picture in summer and leave the rest on us. Very professional writers with years of experience write these captions that will make your Instagram look cool in the hot summer as well write these captions.

  • Summer and sun is on a mission to roast us all.
  • A day in pool with juice to drink is the best thing one can wish in summer.

Best summer Quotes about fun and beach

Summer and beach go along together and everyone loves to spend time at beach in this hot summer.

And if you spend time it is obvious that you will click lots of pictures that will be uploaded on Instagram.

This is where our role come in handy, we will provide you captions for these images because sometimes a person can click a amazing picture but troubles with finding a worthy caption for that picture.

Be it selfie on beach, a solo picture, you surfing on tides, lying under the sun, date under the palm tree or any of the other occasions. We have captions for each occasion. Here are few of them and the remaining list is down

  • Being sun kissed in summer is the best feeling.
  • Om the beach and in the water, what else do we need in summer

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