Slay Captions for Instagram

100 Slay Quotes to Show, your Instagram Followers who is the Boss around Here

Did you know that 70% of posts on Instagram never get seen? Yep, the notorious Instagram feed arranges posts based on relevance and engagement, rather than time.

So, how do you ensure that your Instagram posts stand out – the answer “out-of-the-box captions.”

You need killer captions to make people notice you.

Oh, what a pleasure, it is to be sassy, bold and sarcastic! There are plenty of days when you’ve snapped a killer picture, but cannot find the perfect slay quote for it.

Fret not, here we’ve got some killer quotes to slay your Instagram followers with your savage attitude.

Take a cruise through our 100 Sassy and Savage Quotes for Instagram and win hundreds of Instagram likes and comments!

Savage, Badass Captions for Instagram


  1. Not everybody needs to like me. I ain’t a Facebook status.
  2. My only life tip – Do YOU.
  3. Be a flamingo in a flock of crows.
  4. Keep smiling. It’s sure to drive people crazy.
  5. My confidence levels are so high that I post selfies with no filters.
  6. Don’t try to fit in. You were born to stand out.
  7. My perfect space – outer space, with the stars!
  8. My life moves on. With or without you! The choice is yours.
  9. My blood type – Sassy with a touch of badass!
  10. Be classy, sassy & bad-assy!
  11. Not everyone likes me. But, then everyone doesn’t matter!
  12. Classy and sassy, but never trashy!
  13. They said I could become anything. So, I became a unicorn.
  14. Beautiful on the inside and outside.
  15. Give people a reason to stare.
  16. You can either take me as I am or watch me as I go.
  17. It’s not a tiara. Those are my sparkly horns!
  18. NASA wants my selfie, coz I’m a star!
  19. I’m all that you want, but cannot have.
  20. Don’t try to study me; you’re sure to fail!
  21. I’m not weird. I’m a limited edition.
  22. Badass with a good ass.
  23. Don’t let part-time people stay in your life, for the whole time.
  24. My friend list is small because quality matters over quantity.
  25. Life may not be perfect, but my makeup is.
  26. You’re the best version of yourself.
  27. Don’t settle for being someone else, when you can be the best you.
  28. Behind my innocent face and pouty selfies, there’s a wild streak hidden inside.
  29. You cannot afford my swag.
  30. No thanks, I don’t need your approval to be the REAL me.
  31. I may be kind, but I ain’t weak.
  32. All that matters is your own happiness. You weren’t made to please everybody.
  33. I’m gold, but if you prefer cheaper materials, then it’s fine.
  34. You can judge me when you get perfect.
  35. Fuck what others think, do what makes you happy.
  36. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.
  37. I’m not picky. I have refined tastes.
  38. You cannot do epic things with an average attitude.
  39. Here’s proof, that I’m the selfie queen.
  40. I don’t need your approval. I’ve got mine.
  41. I’m like a speeding bullet that you cannot catch.
  42. I’m a queen, without a king.
  43. Don’t make yourself easy to understand. Give them something to ponder.
  44. The more I get to know myself, the more people I hate.
  45. My attitude may be savage, but my heart’s in the right place.
  46. Not worried about what other people may think. Coz, I know who I am, and I’m proud of what I see in me.
  47. I’m cute, and I know it.
  48. I may be cold as ice. But, in the right hands, I melt.
  49. I may be grace, but I won’t hesitate to punch you in the face.
  50. I know vodka may not be the answer, but it was worth the shot.


  1. Cinderella never wished for a prince. All she asked was for a new dress and a good evening out.
  2. Warning – I randomly break into songs, just like a Disney movie.
  3. You still love me? Well, I don’t blame you. If I were you, I’d still love me.
  4. No time for temporary people.
  5. Got no time to deal with your bullshit.
  6. I don’t do mornings.
  7. Always believe in yourself, coz if you don’t, then who else will?
  8. I’m not short. I’m fun size.
  9. Good girls may be made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. But, the interesting girls are made of whiskey and ice.
  10. I’m sunshine in a hurricane.
  11. Never do the same mistake twice……unless he’s smokin’ hot.
  12. All you need are a pair of heels, and your life changes. Cinderella is proof for that.
  13. I am Prada; I don’t waste my time on Crocs.
  14. I’d rather be alone than be surrounded by blubbering idiots.
  15. Success is the best revenge.
  16. I’m not a people-person until I had my first cup of coffee.
  17. Karma has no expiry date.
  18. You are dating my ex, cool! I’ve got some leftover sandwiches for you to finish.
  19. Do strange things with weird people.
  20. Be BOLD or Italic. Never, regular.
  21. I may have faked many an orgasm, but never sarcasm.
  22. You bring out my inner serial killer.
  23. You seldom come across well-behaved women in history books.
  24. You’re as useless as the “g” in “lasagna.”
  25. I’m not after your man. I’m after your snacks. #foodieforlife
  26. You may be an expert in Photoshop. But, you can’t add personality to your clicks.
  27. Eat, drink and be merry – for tomorrow, you may diet.
  28. Do you know what I like the most about people? Their dogs!
  29. When I doubt choose Tacos!
  30. I’m yet to meet a piece of chocolate that I didn’t love.
  31. Chocolate never hurts. It doesn’t say you’re fat. #ChocolatesOverBoys
  32. Dear, Summer, slow down! You’re gonna get a speeding ticket!
  33. My favorite pastime – ignoring your texts.
  34. Pizza never fails you like people.
  35. When life throws bricks at you, build a castle.
  36. I’m perfectly imperfect.
  37. Sorry, I don’t understand bullshit.
  38. You don’t have to worry about a zombie attack. Coz, they only eat brains.
  39. I can’t choose between six weeks of sleep and an ounce of coffee.
  40. I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested – Sheldon Cooper.
  41. Twinkle, twinkle little star – show me to the nearest bar.
  42. Go the extra mile. It’s always not crowded.
  43. Be a fruit loop, in a world full of oatmeal.
  44. It’s ok if you don’t agree with me. I don’t bother.
  45. You cannot please everybody – you aren’t Nutella.
  46. Stay a mystery, rather than a bore.
  47. I never want to look back at my life and think, “Wish I could have eaten that.”
  48. I ain’t your princess. I’m my own queen.
  49. Friends who slay together, stay together.
  50. Adios, bitchachos!

Which one’s your favorite?

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