Report a problem to Instagram

How to report a problem to Instagram?

Instagram has solemnly been one of the finest windows, which let you peek into the world of your friends, favourite stars, sports personalities, food zones, ideals and a lot more through the way of pictures and videos.

It has truly been assisting the masses, in closely following and relating with those whom they love, follow and aspire to be one like them.

This application lets you enjoy the privilege of being on a user-oriented platform, capture and share the global moments.

Follow up your friends and acquaintances to know what they are up to, and discover millions of accounts which share each genre of stuff that you love.

The platform is now, consecutively experiencing the footfall of over 500 million users, where you can be a part of it, and can share up your moments of the day, along with the highlights, and each other thing that you want.

Thus, Instagram is definitely the most exclusive platform to connect for conversations, trading, business promotions, start-ups and a lot more.

It not only gives you the advantage of connecting with people, but it eventually gives you the opportunity to start something new, and get it exposed and loved by the world.


But why you need to report problems on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is always a specific ill-intentioned crowd, who have got no idea on how such social media platforms work, and what ethics must they follow, while being on such a wide and community respecting platform.

They try to use Instagram as their personal property where they can harass or imitate others without reason, and when such problems occur, you explore out a need to report the problem!

Reporting such problems is not only your basic right, but it also helps you to lay down a specific path for the upcoming generations to follow up.

There are large numbers of teenagers who now operate on Instagram, posting irrelevant or obscene content can not only disrupt their way of living, but can also make them start following wrong paths and wrong people.

As you follow up with such posts, pictures and accounts, you must instantly report them so as to have a perfect insight of them. Your reviews will be taken up seriously, and essential responses will be made accordingly.


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So, what all can you report on Instagram?

There are numerous things that you can report on Instagram, based upon your interests, community guidelines, ethics, morale and a lot more.

You can easily report a picture or video which you consider an inappropriate, obscene, vulgur, spam, scam or containing any kind of thing which might hurt the sentiments of particular person, or the whole community.

Not only this, but there are uncountable technical issues which arise over time.

Instagram might shut down and show some unspecified error.

It may also happen that some of the activities that you wish to undertake get crashed.

You can also report a whole account which you think is harming or cyber bullying you, or some of your relatives.

You can even report the accounts which you consider spam or fake over the whole Instagram.

This is not the end, there are numerous other specified things that Instagram has taken up on their application and they serve you with the right of being safe, while questioning the authenticity of such acts.

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How to report a problem on Instagram?

There are numerous problems on Instagram which can be reported, however, covering ach of them separately would take decades.

Here we will consider some of the cases which you report right through your handy smart phone.

Reporting a technical problem on Instagram

If you feel that you have discovered a technical problem on Instagram, then you can report it from within your app. To report anything that’s not working-

  • You have to open your app and go to your profile
  • Then tap on the ellipses (…) on the top right corner. Scroll down and tap the ‘Report a problem’ option.
  • Now, select ‘something isn’t working’ and go further explaining about the whole problem in the column provided.
  • Assure that you include every bit of a detail about your problem as much as possible.
  • Explain about the device you were using, what were you doing when the problem occurred and what actually the screen showed..



Reporting a picture or video on Instagram

  • To report a picture or video, go over the particular photo or clip and select the ellipses (…) on the top right corner of your phone.
  • Now select the report option and choose one from the numerous reasons that pop up.
  • In case you’re being harassed, choose “Harassment or bullying” from the list.
  • Now click next, after reviewing the Instagram’s zero tolerance policy.
  • Now choose whether you wish to block the person who posted the particular picture or video, or want to put it for review.
  • You will receive a confirmation and the team will review your issue.

Reporting an account over Instagram

  • Go to the profile which you wish to report and then tap on the ellipses (…) on the top right corner.
  • Select report option and select “I believe this account violates Instagram’s community guidelines.”
  • Now select the ‘report account option’ and choose ‘posting inappropriate content’
  • Now you will have to choose ‘bullying or harassment’ (or any other option as per your need) and then you’ll get a confirmation screen appearing.


So, this is how you can report some of the specific things and problems which arise on Instagram.

As soon as you put them up by reporting, the Instagram staff reviews the problem.

Your identity stays anonymous to the users about whom you have placed the report.

In fact, your identity isn’t revealed to any other account user or to the public, however the Instagram staff known completely about you.

The profile, picture or video is then reviewed multiple times.

In case the activity gets confirmed, and goes against Instagram community guidelines, then the account may face temporary or permanent ban, and even account deletion may happen.

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