Learn All About Instagram Limits and Strategies

With over 1 million users worldwide, it is obvious for Instagram to introduce some limitations to get rid of spammers and fake accounts.

If you are planning to incorporate Instagram to achieve your business goals this year, you might experience things that are a bit trickier or complex, and strategies have never been more imperative.

While using Instagram as a marketing tool or an engagement strategy, you have to take into consideration some Instagram limitations that indirectly regulate your content and communication with other users.

Let us see the limitation of Instagram and strategies to deal with them

Limitations for Likes

The number of Instagram like limits is related to the amount of the follows you do in a day. Liking per day upto 1.5x the amount of follows you do is somewhat considered safe on Instagram.

For example, if you follow 400 accounts per day, you should exceed 600 likes to avoid getting banned from Instagram.

Every Instagram user can only leave 350 likes per hour. If you exceed the limit of 350 likes per hour, your account may face a ban from Instagram for spam behaviors.

Try not to go overboard with likes and keep it within 300 likes per hour. Honestly, exceeding the like limit of 350/hour is hardly possible unless you’re using an automated software or Bot.

Follow Limitations

When it comes to follow/ unfollow limits, Instagram does not have any set rule.

There are many factors like the number of followers, age of the account, daily engagement and activity of the Instagram account comes into play to set follow limitations.

However, you should not follow/unfollow more than 50 people per hour to avoid a ban from Instagram.

In order to prevent spammers from getting large numbers of followers, Instagram does not allow anyone to follow more than 7,500 people.

If you attempt to follow more than 7500 people, you will get an ‘Error’ message. Luckily, there is no limit on how many Instagram users can follow you!

If you are new on Instagram start with 100-150 follows per day for the first week and gradually up the number every week.

Hashtag Limits

While talking about Instagram limitations, mentioning about Hashtag limits is a must.


If you are using more than 30 Hashtags per posts, Instagram can pick you up as spam. So, be aware and use high quality, relevant Hashtags to your business.

Incorporate tags with good search results in your Hashtags and try to come up with some unique Hashtags.

If wondering about some of the best Hashtags for your business, have a look at the 100 most popular Instagram Hashtags of recent times.

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Comment Limitations:

Opting for a forceful comment strategy to boost your Instagram posts is not at a good idea.

If you are following this kind of strategy or using Bots for comments, be prepared for the consequences.

As soon as Instagram catch you doing this, your account will straightway be banned or detained for an undefined period.

To avoid receiving ‘Action Blocked’ message from Instagram, a maximum of 250 comments per day would be safe.

If are new Instagram users, refrain yourself from commenting or liking other users’ photos straight away.

Since this is what fake accounts mostly do, Instagram can pick your account as spam and ban it.

To refrain your account from getting banned by Instagram, follow these effective strategies while commenting on posts.

  • Including 30 Hashtags in a single comment is restricted.
  • Refrain from posting duplicate or multiple comments on posts.
  • Avoid emojis and comments such as ‘Love it’, ‘Wow’ because they are not seen as engagement as per Instagram. Write comments, which has a minimum of four words.

Last but not the least, replying to others comments left on your posts within 60 minutes may improve the reach of your Instagram posts.

Mention Limit

You are allowed to mention only 5 people by tagging in your post.  Besides, tagging people who do not follow you on other Instagram users’ post is a complete no, unless they mention your account first.

Post Limit

You can delete as many posts you want but generally after deleting 5 posts simultaneously, you receive an error message saying “Rate Limit Exceeded Instagram Error.”

Wait for at least 3-4 hours for the restriction to pass and then again, you can continue with deleting.

If you are new Instagram users, instead of adding too many images, post 2-3 pictures per day and then gradually you can increase the number.

Instead of cluttering your feed with plenty of similar boring posts, focus on publishing one unique post every day. 

What to Do Upon Getting ‘Action Blocked’ Message?

If you exceed comment, like, followers limits or disobey any user guidelines, Instagram can make your account dysfunctional for an uncertain period of time without any warning.

You can get Action blocked message from Instagram for various reasons such as exceeding comment, like, follower or Hashtag limits or violating any guideline.

It is better to be careful while posting on Instagram, because once your account gets banned no one can tell you when you will actually get your account back.

While it just takes 2 minutes to unblock someone on Instagram with some simple steps, it may take up to 1 to 4 months to remove the ban imposed on your account by Instagram.

To unblock someone from Instagram, you just need to search his profile or check your block list to find the profile.  Click the profile and then further click the three dots in the right corner of your screen.

You will find the report, unblock and hide your story options to choose from.

If in any case, Instagram blocks your account, you can’t do anything except reporting the issue to Instagram. Instagram makes your account dysfunctional by mistake; it will automatically reinstate your account within 24 hours.

To restrict spammers and unauthentic users, Instagram has done several updates and changes in its features in the last 2 years. One wrong move or unintentional mistake, and you are banned from Instagram.

Besides, following the user guideline of Instagram, there are some other strategies you need to take to have an uninterrupted Instagram journey.

Fret not folks! Here we offer some of the strategies that will allow you to make the best of your Instagram account.

  • Have a complete Instagram profile with photos and a short bio.
  • Don’t forget to post regularly or at least twice a week
  • Don’t exceed the like limit that is 150 per hour
  • Follow not more than 10 people per hour, because excessive following considered as a spammy activity.
  • Limit your comments within 12-14/hour
  • Refrain from switching between too many devices because Instagram might impose a temporary ban on your account for this.

Last but not the least; you must follow the Instagram community guidelines.

If your Instagram account gets blocked due to exceeding limits, it might become functional someday but if the violation of guidelines is the reason behind your ban, it will be there for the lifetime.

Since you are solely accountable for the activities happening on your account, you have to play strategically to get the most out of Instagram for your service and that too keeping in the mind the limitations of this platform.

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