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Help, Instagram Won’t Let Me Log In – Your Updated Guide to all Instagram Login Troubles

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. According to a recent report from Statista, Instagram has over 1000 million users registered on the platform.

Instagram is not only popular among individuals for sharing pictures, but also there are several businesses, who use the platform to connect and engage with their clientele.

As one of the top social networks, Instagram faces minimum technical issues and provides seamless user experience.

With that said, Instagram often throws up some glitches from time to time.

This mostly happens when you switch to a new mobile device or toggle frequently between several Instagram accounts (personal and business).

Additionally, if you’re using an older mobile phone, you may face some compatibility issues, while upgrading the app.

Alternatively, Instagram may log out all users and get them to log in again, due to a change in the terms of service.

In such cases, you have to key in your log in credentials (username and password), accept the updated terms of service and then log in once again to activate your account.

Whatever be the reason, it’s indeed frustrating, to find yourself locked out of your Instagram account and missing out on all your Instagram followers.

Worry not! In this post, we walk you through the various scenarios you may face while having log in troubles and we give you a step-by-step guide to get back into your account.

Let’s get started.

Why Won’t Instagram let me Log in?

Here are a few possible causes for Instagram blocking your log in attempt:

  • You may have forgotten the username, password or both. This is one of the most common causes of log in troubles.
  • You are trying to log in from a device that Instagram doesn’t support and wants authentication before proceeding.
  • Your Instagram account may have been blocked by Instagram.
  • The information transmitted between your device and Instagram’s servers are faulty or broken.
  • Instagram may be experiencing server troubles in its end and thereby is unable to load your account.

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What to do when you Face Log in Troubles on Instagram?

There are several options available to you. Let ’s take a look at each one in detail.

Option 1 – Do Nothing

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes the best option is to do nothing but wait.

Instagram servers at times become temporarily unavailable due to several technical reasons.

Check with your friends whether they are able to log in to their Insta account. If they face the same problem, then probably the issue lies at Instagram’s end.

You can also check this third-party application – live outage map.

This lets you know whether the issue you’re facing is related only to your account or applies to all other Insta users in your area.

If it’s a local issue, then wait for some time, until the servers become live. If not, proceed to the other options listed below.

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Option 2: Try Logging in with Facebook

However, this works only if you have already linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

If yes, you can try logging into Facebook and then access your Instagram account from there.

If you haven’t linked your Facebook and Instagram accounts together, it’s time you did it.

This not only helps Facebook show you relevant ads but also helps to prevent your account from being misused or stolen.

Additionally, by linking you can gain entry to Insta when faced with the dreaded, “Sorry, something went wrong” message.

Option 3: Use a Desktop or Windows App to Connect to Instagram

The second option doesn’t work if you haven’t connected your Instagram and Facebook profiles.

So, the third option available to you is to use your desktop to try logging into Instagram. You can try logging in directly on the website,


Another option is to use the Windows 10 app for Instagram.

This way, you can log directly from your laptop or desktop, instead of going to the website.

However, note that this app is available only for Windows users and not Mac users.


Once you’re able to log into your Instagram account, from the Windows app, don’t waste time browsing through your feed, replying to Instagram comments or checking your DMs.

Instead, go to settings and select Discover People, search for friends on Facebook and make sure to link your FB profile.

This resolves the problem for most users, if not continue reading below.

Option 4: Disable your Account Temporarily

Head to the web version of Instagram at

Enter in your log in credentials, go to the Settings tab and look for the option, “Temporarily Disable My Account.”

Go ahead, be brave and click on it. Your precious Instagram account won’t disappear forever. After all, Zuckerberg can risk losing precious users!


In the reason for leaving, make sure to mention “Trouble Getting Started.”

Click on agree and block your account for at least a few hours. Give it a break.

Then, try logging in to your account from the mobile Instagram app, after 5-6 hours. You will be able to get into your account.

Temporary blocking the account on the website gets deactivated once you log in from the mobile app.

Don’t know the reason why this works, but this hack has helped a number of users get back into their account.

Option 5: Send a Mail to Instagram Help Center

If all the above options failed, fret not, there’s still hope. In the mobile app, you can find a small text, “Log in Help”, right under the authorization screen.

Click on this. In the next scree, click on “Use Username or Email.”

Then, enter your email id, which you have used for your Instagram account.


Click send email. Once you receive the email in your inbox, click on it. You will get a prompt asking, where it should be opened, “Browser or Instagram” app.

This one’s important. Click on Instagram and select “Always Use this Option.”

Hopefully, you would be able to log into your account by now.

Option 6: Uninstall and Reinstall the Instagram App on your Phone

Delete Instagram on your phone and reinstall it. This works at times. Alternatively, you can update Instagram and try logging in, when facing troubles.

Option 7: Do a Factory Reset on your Phone

Factory reset means you’re wiping out all data from your phone and starting afresh. Before you do this, make sure to backup photos, videos, messages and other files.

The Last Word

Login problems are very rare in Instagram and usually nothing but a technical glitch and are resolved quickly.

Use the options listed here and all the best for getting back into your account! If nothing works, try getting in touch with the professional customer support team of Instagram stating your problems.

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