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Best Instagram Web Viewers

Launched in 2010, Instagram is now one of the most popular photos and video-sharing apps for Android and iOS devices.

In 2012, Facebook paid $1 billion to buy Instagram but kept it as a branded standalone app completely separated from Facebook.

Currently, Instagram has more than 800 million users out of which 500 million are daily active users.

While Instagram is a mobile app, there are now unofficial web viewers with the help of which people can view Instagram profiles on the web.

While Instagram in itself is a great app with loads of features, online viewers allow you to view the posts on the large screen of your computer.

Moreover, the online viewers also allow you to view profiles of celebrities, brands, search for popular hashtags, and even view posts of people not on your Instagram friend list.

If you love Instagram and searching for a way to view the pictures online, we have a list of top 10 Instagram online viewers.

Choose the one you like the most or use them all to view your favorite Instagram pictures online.

List of Top Instagram Web Viewers

1. Webstagram

Webstagram is one of the simplest ways to view Instagram pictures on the web.


It not only allows you to view your as well your friends Instagram pictures but you can also search for usernames and tags on the website.

The platform also offers a list of most popular Instagram hashtags and popular Instagram users like music artists, actors, sportspersons, etc.

Webstagram editors also pick a ‘Photo of the Day’ winner on a daily basis and you can also share the pictures you view on the website through the Webstagram link on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

It also allows users to view the likes and comments on the pictures and videos and even download the content to their computers.


The intuitive design of is what makes it one of the best ways for Instagram online search.


The interface automatically adjusts itself as per the dimensions of your browser or you can easily adjust the design of the viewer in 5 different settings- large, medium, or small photos in compact and full views.

It also allows you to view all the likes, comment and like the pictures.

Users can also use the ‘Explore’ option for discovering users and photos in many different categories, like random, just now, popular, pets, tech, and much more.

You can also create an account on with the help of which you can then add Instagram pictures to your Favorites section.

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3. Piknu

Piknu is another great way to view Instagram content online.


It is simple, fast and updates in real-time. With the help of Piknu, you can explore Instagram photos and videos, find users, browse popular photos and tags and even places.

You also get to share all the pics and videos you like through Twitter.

Once you select a picture or video, you can check its upload date, likes, and comments too. The simple, no-fuss design of the website is what makes it an ideal option for a lot of users.

However, some users also believe that Piknu is too basic and misses a lot of useful features like creating an account, advanced search functions, etc.

4. Picbear

Picbear is what you’ll call an advanced version of Instagram web viewers.


The website can be used to search Instagram users, hashtags, places, popular accounts, and much more.

It has a ‘Popular’ section on the website where you can find all the popular users, media and tags instantly.

Users can also create an account on Picbear to do a lot of things like create Instagram lists and check Instagram stats, including the people not following you, people you are not following, your most liked posts, and most commented posts.

You can also use your Instagram account to log in on Picbear and use all the great features the website offers.

There are also a handful of Instagram lists, like Cutest Animals, Formula 1, Footballers, etc. already created which you can view with a single click.

When you create your own list, you can give a name to it, delete it, add or remove users.

5. Vibbi

Vibbi markets itself as a one-stop Instagram marketing shop.


It offers a host of services like buying Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes and Instagram Views along with a handy web viewer.

The Vibbi Instagram web viewer is a great way to search for Instagram profiles, usernames, hashtags, and locations.

You can find a list of popular Instagram users and hashtags on the website to instantly view the latest content.

With the help of ‘Vibbi’s Instaport’ service, you can also download and save Instagram pictures, videos, and posts.

The website also has a great Blog section with some amazing posts on Instagram marketing. However, it does not offer any advanced tools to check Instagram followers count or profile stats.

6. Yooying

If you searching for an Instagram online search tool, Yooying can be a great option.


The website allows you to easily search for Instagram users, popular hashtags, places, and more with a single click.

It already has a number of categories like Fashion, Home Decor, Travel, Girls, Art, Cars, Funny, and more with the help of which you can easily find the latest Instagram content.

When you open a picture, you can check its likes and comments along with all the other latest posts from the user.

Moreover, the picture can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

While Yooying is great at what it does, it is just a very basic Instagram web viewer and does not offer any additional features.

7. 16Gram

16Gram is a popular Instagram online viewer which redirects you to the official Instagram content when you click on any picture or video.


You can use it to search for user profiles and popular hashtags.

When you land on 16Gram, you’ll also see a list of popular hashtags and pictures of sportspersons, celebrities, and more.

There are also a number of categories, like Fun, Pets, Fashion, Recent, and Random.

When you select a picture or video, it’ll take to you to the official Instagram post where you can check the likes and comments and even comment on the post after logging in into your Instagram account.

8. Snap361

If you want a simple and useful web viewer for Instagram, Snap361 might be the one for you.


It is a minimalist Instagram viewer which only allows you to find Instagram users and features top posts on the homepage.

There is also a slider on the website to adjust the number of posts you want to see on your screen.

When you select a picture or video on Snap361, you can view its likes and comments but cannot like or comment on the post.

It is only a basic Instagram viewer with no features apart from the standard search function which can only be used to search Instagram users.

If you only want to search Instagram users and do not care about any advanced features, Snap361 can be a great option.

9. Ingram.Life

If you want to view Instagram posts from top celebrities like Kim Kardashian, TheRock, Taylor Swift, or top Instagram profiles on the web, Ingram.Life can be very useful.

The website has an extensive list of popular Instagram accounts as well as popular posts which you can easily view with a single click.

The search option of the website can be used for finding users and hashtags.

You can also create an account on the website from where you can manage your Instagram account on the web.

The website is also available in many different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

You can also view the likes and comments of the posts and can also download the pictures and videos with Ingram.Life.

10. MyStalk

If you are looking to stalk an Instagram user, MyStalk can be a great companion.


The online Instagram viewer allows you to search for Instagram users, hashtags and posts.

You can also log in to the website with just your email address and a password to save users to your ‘MyStalks’ list.

All the posts shared by them on their Instagram account would then be made available in your MyStalks section.

The website also has a number of popular categories like Animals, Holiday, Travel, Photography, etc. for the users.

When you open a picture or video, you can check the likes and comments and even share the picture directly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, or just copy its link.

There is also where you get the option to add users to your MyStalk list and check other latest posts from the user.

These are 10 of the best Instagram web viewers that you can try if you want to view Instagram posts online.

Some of them just offer the basic search feature while others offer advanced features like check Instagram stats, followers count, and more.

Pick one as per your requirement and view all your favorite Instagram posts on the web.

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