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Instagram Video Editor: Create Awesome Videos for Instagram

In the past few years, the popularity of video content has risen dramatically on the internet.

As a result, increasing number of brands now use videos to promote themselves, especially on social platforms like Instagram.

And they have some pretty solid reasons for it.

It is said that video is processed almost 60,000 times faster than text-based content. It has the ability to instantly ignite a connection or emotion, encouraging viewers to look for more information.

With 55% of internet users now watching video content on a daily basis, you sure are missing a lot if you aren’t already using videos to promote yourself on Instagram.


This is especially true when you already have so many amazing video editors to create awesome Instagram videos.

Modern video editors come with a host of features and do not require a lot of editing skills for creating professional videos.

Available in the form of online tools, software, and mobile apps, they’re sure to make your Instagram page more popular and bring in a lot of Instagram followers, likes, comments, and shares.

But with hundreds of options available, how will you pick the best?

We’are here to help. Go through this list of top 5 video editors for Instagram and you’re sure to fall in love with at least one.

Top Instagram Video Editors

  1. Horizon

When you want to quickly capture a video on your phone, it is very common for a lot of people to end up recording it vertically.

While some people are fine with vertical videos, most others, especially Instagrammers prefer horizontal videos.

One of the best ways to convert vertical videos into horizontal ones is through Horizon.

The simple app works as promised and the iOS version of the app also comes with a host of additional features. Even in Android, the app works pretty flawlessly.

Apart from Instagram, you can also use the app for creating videos for Facebook or YouTube.

  1. FilmoraGo

Filmora offers a host of tools and apps but its video editing tool, FilmoraGo, is one of the most popular.

The app allows you to create professional-quality videos with utmost ease. You can trim the video clips, add text and subtitles, add overlays, filters, and even adjust the video speed.

Available for Android and iOS, the app also allows you to add background music to the videos along with background themes and visual effects too.

While the app is free, it does have in-app purchases if you want to unlock advanced features of the app.

If you’re looking to get more Instagram likes, comments and shares, videos created with FilmoraGo are sure to help.

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  1. Magisto

If you want to create amazing Instagram videos, you’re sure to like the Magisto app.

The editing app is a simple way to turn your videos and images into beautiful stories in not more than a few seconds.

It requires you to select a video or image you’d like to edit. Once you’ve selected the content, you can then choose the editing style which has options like memories, real estate, dance, etc.

Each of these editing styles come with background music suggestions and you also get the option to add any one of your custom tracks.

With these features, the app ensures that the final product looks and sounds amazing and is actually able to improve your popularity on Instagram.

Magisto app is free from iOS and Android but there are business plans with the help of which you can reorder scenes from popular movies.


  1. Adobe Premiere Clip

If you’re looking for a quick and easy-to-use mobile app for video editing, Adobe Premiere Clip can be a great option.

It offers a host of video editing features like trimming, cutting, music, transitions, effects, filters, and more to help you experiment with your creativity.

One of the best features of the app is its automatic video creation capability. With the help of this feature, you only need to select video clips and images and the app would do the rest for you.

Once the video is created, there is also an option to directly share it on a social platform like Instagram.

Adobe Premiere Clip too is completely free for Android and iOS users.

  1. PowerDirector Video Editor App

If you’re new to video editing, the simplicity of the Video Editor App from PowerDirector is sure to impress you.

The app is available for Android and iOS and offers more than 20 transition effects and other effects which you can add to your videos to make them look professional.

It also allows you to create green screen videos and add music to them. There are tutorial videos to help you use all the features of the app in the best way possible.

However, the videos edited with this app will have PowerDirector watermark which can be only be removed if you purchase the full version.

The full version of the app also supports 4K resolution videos and offers a host of additional features.


Apart from informative text-based posts, it is very important for you to regularly post visual content, especially videos to get maximum number of Instagram comments, likes, and shares.

Even if you’ve never used a video editing app in the past, all the top options listed above are very easy to use and master.

Download them today and start creating professional quality videos for Instagram in minutes.

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