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Instagram Story Screenshot: 5 Methods to Continue Taking Screenshots of Instagram Stories Without Notifying the Uploader

Majority of 1 billion+ monthly active users of Instagram know about the stories feature of the photo-sharing platform.

It lets you upload pictures and videos that vanish within 24 hours of uploading.

The feature has been a major hit among individual users as well as brands marketing their products or services on the platform.

But as the stories vanish after 24-hours, a lot of people screenshot the pictures or videos uploaded by other users to save them forever.

Just a few months ago, Instagram started testing a new feature with the help of which the uploader of the story would receive a notification if you screenshot their stories.

While Instagram stopped testing this feature in June 2018 after causing a major animosity among most users, there are reports that it’d soon begin experimenting with this feature again.


There can be several legitimate and a few illegitimate reasons why you’d like to screenshot someone’s story.

But with Instagram sending a notification to the user when you take a screenshot, you could easily look like a creep.

Are there ways to not get caught while taking screenshots of someone’s Instagram story?

Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can use to not trigger Instagram notification when taking the screenshot.

While this feature is disabled for time being, you never know when Instagram might start testing it again.

Knowing the tricks beforehand would only prove useful if such a calamity arises again.

  1. Using Airplane Mode

One of the simplest ways to not let Instagram know that you’re taking a screenshot of someone’s story is to use the Airplane mode.

Once you have the Instagram story whose screenshot you’d like to take on your mobile screen, activate the Airplane mode and tap the story again.

For Android devices, this can be done from the drop-down menu or from Settings and in iOS devices, this can be activated from the Control Center

You can now take a screenshot without triggering the notification.

Once you’ve taken the screenshot, force quit the Instagram app and wait for some time before disabling the Airplane mode.

That is it! You’ll have the screenshot saved to your phone without the notification being sent to the uploader.

  1. Use Instagram Web

If you take screenshots of Instagram stories you like and then upload the same from your account to get more Instagram likes and comments, you’d surely not like the screenshot notification feature.

If you do not want to notify the uploaders when you screenshot their stories, a simple solution is to use Instagram web.

Instagram on the web allows you to upload and do everything that the Instagram app does but misses the DM feature.

However, if you just want to save Instagram stories, accessing Instagram through your mobile’s web browser can be a great solution.

Simply open any Instagram story on through the web browser of your mobile and take its screenshot.

This will not trigger the screenshot notification.

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  1. Use 3rd Party Story Savers

What if there was a better solution than taking a screenshot for saving someone’s story to your device?

There are now a lot of 3rd party apps that allow you to download and save Instagram stories without notifying the uploader.

IG Live, Story Reposter and Story Saver are some of the most popular apps that you can try to download Instagram stories to your mobile phone and just eliminate the whole screenshot hassle.

These apps are available for Android as well as iOS devices and are completely free.

Download one of these apps and you can download as many Instagram stories as you like without worrying about the notifications.

  1. Use Chrome Extension

Another simple way to download and view Instagram stories on PC or laptop is through the IG Story extension for Chrome browser.

Install the extension and a new IG Story section would appear at the top of your screen when you open Instagram for web on your PC or laptop.

The extension enables the privacy mode by default, allowing you to view and even download Instagram stories without letting the uploader know.

To download Instagram stories once the extension is enabled, simply right click on the story and click on the ‘Download’ option.

This will download all of their active stories to your computer or laptop in a zip file which you can then view anytime.

Rest assured that none of this would trigger any Instagram notification.

  1. Use Jailbreak Tweak for iOS Devices

If your iOS device is jailbroken, there are a lot of cool things that you can do with it. One of them is viewing and saving Instagram stories to your device anonymously.

There are apps like Rocket for Instagram and Instagram++ that allow you to anonymously view and also save Instagram stories to your device.

Apart from saving Instagram stories, these apps also supercharge the Instagram app with a host of unique features that are generally not available in the app.

If you have jailbreaking on your mind, make sure that you first understand the advantages and drawbacks of the same before proceeding.


Stories are an excellent way to get more Instagram followers, likes and comments.

While it is great that Instagram has stopped sending notifications to users when someone screenshots their stories, if reports are to be believed, Instagram might soon test the feature again.

Bookmark this page if this turns out to be true to make sure that you continue taking screenshots of the things you like in Instagram stories without triggering the notification.

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