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9 Tools and Ways You can Create Instagram-worthy Images

Instagram is the only strong medium to express and communicate with people via impactful images on social media.

Naturally then, the Instagram images that users use for their profiles are the most important part of their accounts.

It is no more enough to just click a picture and upload it without any caption or location.

If you are not getting the expected number of Instagram views or Instagram followers, there may be some gaps in the way you create images for uploading on Instagram.

For businesses especially, it should be a top priority for their Instagram profiles to have personalized, appealing and engaging images so as to attract the right set of potential clients.

Tips to Start with

Instagram pictures need to have a certain charisma for your followers and for users who spot you on the Instagram explore page.

Here are some basic points to stick to no matter what tool you use to create your images for Instagram:

  1. Never get engrossed into the concern of what the Instagram community defines as “good” or “bad” images. To maintain originality and attract followers at the same time, find something that you or your business identifies with.
  2. Give a good time to the content you want to post before you begin editing or creating the image.
  3. Always weigh the pros and cons of artificial and natural lighting for the particular image.
  4. Don’t hesitate to utilise the grid view on your camera as it helps in perfect alignment and angle of the image.
  5. Your image needs to send out a message, so you have to make sure the subject of your image represents the motive behind your post and catches other people’s eye.
  6. It’s good to incorporate a good palette of colours or shapes in the image.
  7. A tool to help you create and edit your image is a good option to reach a particular expectation.

If you are still a little doubtful about your photography skills, you can learn how to take cool pictures for Instagram.

Here is a list of tools and ways that can be useful for creating Instagram pictures and making them stand out.


This is an original Instagram owned app that is best for collage-making.

If you have your images set for a post and want to upload a bunch of them as a collage, Instagram’s Layout is a great app.


It is very user-friendly, offers many formats and templates, and has additional services like border width and border colour editing. To understand the types of grids on the Layout app, read the 9 types of Instagram Layouts.

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Postcron ArtStudio

This is a convenient option for making images on Instagram if you want your images to have text in them and need certain formats and fonts for the text while making it look professional.

The tool is free and easy to use, yet dynamic and it offers a variety of services and options to create pictures.

Any image you create out of this tool would guarantee originality of your post.

Confused about what captions to use for or on your images? You can have a look at some Instagram captions for friends, Instagram captions for selfies and Instagram captions for dogs


If you don’t have any experience in graphics designing, this is perfect for you.

Canva offers premade templates and custom sizes for Instagram with a good user interface.

It also offers some unique fonts.

Canva is what one calls “start-to-finish” image tool.

So it is also a good fit for your profile if you are running on a shoestring budget.

Canva offers its elements free of cost but if you want to use their images, they come at a price of $1 per image.


It is never going to be outdated to create images out of screenshots, and Skitch caters to this very specific kind of picture.

It has easy and cool annotation features and lets you edit the screenshot-you can draw on the image or create blur effect where you need it.

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Evolve from a Standing Image to GIF

GIFs are the most attractive way to engage and appeal to followers on Instagram.

You will notice that most big brands like Forever21 and H&M use this format to announce their new collections.

Good thing about GIFs is that their usage is not restricted to just one kind of business; it can be used for any kind of entrepreneurial accounts on Instagram.


GIFs are engaging as they are interactive and this way they stand out.

Stock Images-Unsplash, Stocksnap, and More

This is not so much for creating images, but for finding them.

Stock images can help you find a range of images that suit the context of your business advertising.

You must make sure that you use only the high-quality pictures.

It is also advisable to get the pictures in an appropriate size as per Instagram image dimensions-1080px1080p.

While Unsplash and Stocksnap have free images, if you have some money to spend on images, you can try out Stocksy.

Start a Campaign or Competition

This is not only a good way to create content for your Instagram profile but also an excellent hack to get more followers.

You can encourage your existing as well as potential followers by running a contest, giveaway or competition on a topic that is relevant for your business.


You can create a hashtag for such a scenario and monitor it to see how the trend is picking up. To know how you can use hashtags to gain more popularity for your page, you can check out this article.


For those of you who do not even want to go onto a new website or download a fresh application, this is a bonus option.

Powerpoint may be a presentation software but business owners would be surprised to know that it is also a great pool of templates and tools.

Every slide is a new image. It is extremely simple to edit slides in Powerpoint.

You don’t even have to worry about putting text on the image.

There is almost anything you can do with Powerpoint while creating images for Instagram.

Social Image Resizer Tools

Although there are many tools on the internet that let you resize your image, it can become cumbersome to create images perfect in size for various social media platforms.

Social Image Resizer offers many options for the resolution and size you want your image to have.

Other multi platform tools are SizzlePig and Social Media Image Maker.

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