Instagram live is not working

Instagram live is not working – How to fix it?

Instagram has launched the new feature to enhance your experience using the app. Instagram live is the latest feature for those who are comfortable with the camera. It means now you can not only connect easily with your friends by sharing your posts but also go with the live option.


The live option allows you to broadcast your video or go live streaming and connect with those who are online. Your followers can see you live and communicate.

However, when you are not live, they cannot see you and your live video will not be available later since there are no replays.

You can share a direct message to those who are closest to you if you don’t want to post your stories and allow others to see it. They can see the message twice and after it will disappear.

No doubt that the Instagram live feature is appealing but what if you cannot see the live streaming of your best friend. It may happen if your Instagram live isn’t working. You will get angry and frustrated.

Well, you don’t want that to happen but many users are facing this issue. Live streaming is an excellent option that no users want to miss.

Coolest things about Instagram live

1. The second option

This is the second video option offered by Instagram. Users can share their stories and videos that are available for the next 24 hours on their homepage or can go with the live option. To use it, go to your home page and swipe right.

2. It disappear

Instagram offers the best of both snapchat and periscope. The second time your friend watches your live videos, it gets disappear. So, it means they cannot visit it again and again because it’s live.

3. likes and comment


Your followers can like and comment on the live video just like they do on your posts. You can thus watch the comments of your friends and followers in the real time.

4. funny feature

The interesting fact is that you can draw won yourself while going live. Moreover, you can make your video more interacting by adding emojis.

So, if you have a pimple or want to look funny just draw something on the screen or add emoji to reflect your emotion.

5. private or public

You can use the Instagram live option in two modes- public and private. Send your live videos to some of your best friends or share with everyone. And the best part is that this feature is free.

So, these are the coolest thing about the Instagram live that will enhance your experience with Instagram.

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How to use Instagram?


Everyone wants to get more likes and followers, and thus they try every new feature of Instagram. This feature is interesting so you must use it. Do you know how to use it? No, then learn it here.

To use this interesting option follow these steps.

  • Tap the icon of the camera that is at the left of the screens top. You can also swipe right as well to start the live video.
  • At the bottom of screen live option is given. Tap it to start.
  • The comment box appears at the screen’s bottom, and the number of your viewers will appear on the top.
  • Tap on the comment if you wish to comment or you can pin it by tapping and holding it.
  • You can also turn it off. Filters will work on your comments if you have selected it.
  • Tap the end button that is to the right of the screen. Save the live video and share it so that others can see that.

Make it public or keep it private so that only the selected viewers can watch the video. It’s fun to use Instagram live option, go and try it now!

However, due to some issues, few users complain that their live feature isn’t working. Well, that’s a frustrating condition when you cannot use it, especially when you have to go live for some important purpose.

No need to get angry, there is a solution for every problem. Read below to understand how you can fix it.

How to fix this Instagram issue?

Well, there is no specific reason due to which your live gets stopped. Maybe you cannot go live or watch the live streams of others.

Maybe the live option has been removed from your account. Instagram might have encountered some technical problems. If that’s the case then you cannot do anything, just wait until it gets fixed.

But if the problem is on your end like you are using the old app then update it. It is recommended to check for the updates so as your Instagram works well.


However, your problem stills persist then go for the below suggestions that can help you in making the live option work again.

  • Restart the app- always restart the app when you encountered problems with Instagram. Turn off the device so that Instagram gets closed and start with a fresh log in after switching on the device.
  • Check for updates- Instagram released updates for every device and when you update it the nonworking options start working. So, look for the latest version of Instagram on a store.
  • Access to another device- many users have more than one account. If you have multiple accounts, then log in to other account to see whether a live option is working there or not. Maybe the issue is with your account and not with your device.
  • Reinstall- another common solution is reinstallation. You have to delete your existing app from mobile and reinstall it. Go to a store and download the new Instagram app on your device.

All these solutions will solve the issue, and you can again use the live options.

If none of them works then, you are left with the only option of asking for the solution from the help desk. Hope that you can quickly get rid of the Instagram live problem and go live again.

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