Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out- how to fix it?

Apps and social media is a great way for the artist and people with creative skills to show their talents to others. Many platforms are there but Instagram is widely popular, and thus it is a great platform for everyone out there.


Instagram works on both mobile and desktop version thus accessing from a different device is easy. ‘

It also allows users to connect with their various media profiles and share their posts there as well.

Millions of users use this application to share videos and pictures and to increase their Instagram followers.

No doubt that it is fun to use Instagram but the recent bug is annoying its users and causing the problem while logging in.

Bugs and glitches make the customers frustrated and cause difficulty in interacting with others or uploading the pictures. Let’s learn about this bug.

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What is the recent bug of Instagram?

The recent bug keeps the users logged out every time they close the app. it’s annoying as every time you open the app you have to log in.

Users having multiple accounts are feeling troubled uploading their videos and pictures as they have to log in every time they open the Instagram.

It is quite, frustrating that you cannot easily access your account. Even those with a single account are logged out on the Instagram.

Earlier users don’t have to log in again and again to get access to their instagram account. With the auto-login feature, they can easily log in to their account.

You don’t have to enter your username and password while logging, with just one click you can access it. But the recent bug keeps the users logged out, and thus it is important to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Some users also think that their account has been hacked by someone and hackers have changed the password. This can be the case with few people, but most of the users are unable to keep logged in.


That means, this the technical problem of Instagram and your account is safe. But there should be some solution to fix the issue.

So, how to fix it?

Well, you can fix it yourself. Here’s the way.

How to fix the issue?

The auto-logout problem can occur if you try to access the account from a new device or if you have cleared the cookies from the device.

If you have changed the password of your account, then you will face the problem of auto-logout.

  • To fix it, change the password for every account you have, in case of multiple accounts. Log in again with the new password. This may help you to enter into your Instagram account.instagram-change-password


  • Instagram offers some security features that need verification by the users. If your account is not verified, then you will face a problem. So, check the security verifications.
  • Log in on a different device because the problem may be for the specific device. Delete the app and reinstall it or update the application.
  • If none of the solutions helps you out, then contact Instagram help center.

Help and support center of Instagram will suggest you the solutions and inform you why you are logged out. You can write complain related to your problem, and they will fix it quickly.

Instagram need access to user’s profile so that they can use every feature of the app. when this token expires user will get logged out from their Instagram account.

In this case, re-authentication is required. Once you re-authenticate, then you have to reactivate your account. You can then log in with username and password.

Sometimes deleting and reinstalling the Instagram does not fix the issue. If you are still facing the problem, then try the next solution.

  • Log in to Instagram account
  • Press the thumbnail of your profile that is given at the right
  • Press on gear that is to the right side at the top
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Choose the log out option
  • It will ask user to keep the Instagram remember about your login, click on not now option
  • Confirm the option and press log out
  • Again log in
  • Log out this time but by choosing to remember option
  • Then again log in

Doing this will keep you logged in, and Instagram will not keep you logged out. This will fix the issue of logged out form multiple accounts.

Even if you have only one account on Instagram and you face the logged out issue, use these steps. However, if someone else has hacked your account then change the password.

Instagram use security features to keep your account safe. Enable the latest security features by updating the application.

Go to the store and update the old version of an app. for this, you don’t have to delete the application, simply click on the update button.

Make your account secure so that others don’t take advantage of your posts. If you don’t know about the security features, then you can learn more on the web.

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Many users make their personal and business account on Instagram. Facing such issue will slow down your business and thus consume lots of your time and leaves you frustrated.

For single account users, it should not be a big problem especially if they are not the regular user of Instagram.  But if your work depends on it then fix the problem so that you can smoothly use it.

Use the above steps to sort out the logged out problem and share your pictures and art, show your artistic skills and get more Instagram likes. Instagram has many interesting features that you don’t want to miss, so fix the problem quickly with these solutions.

Hope that now you can enjoy using this popular social media app. If you are facing some other problems then In case of any query, contact to the help and support section of Instagram.

Talk to their team and get the problem of your solution.

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