Instagram captions for Friends

Best Instagram captions for your best friends

Are you looking for Instagram captions for a picture with your friend, then you have landed on the right page.

We have some original caption list for all your friendship moments.

These captions are original and written by some very professional writers. Friends are the second best things god have created after food.

And expressing your love for them sometimes become a difficult task.

Its like you have feelings for them but cannot let them out. For those instances, we are here to rescue you.

Express your thoughts with the world by using these captions. A already perfect picture of you and your friend to make it more memorable. Here are some of them-

  • If someone asks me where does my true wealth lies, I look towards those idiot friends and say; here.
  • Take me to the gravest of the places but let my friends accompany me.
  • If there is something I’m truly blessed to have then it is my friends

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Best captions on friends of college

College is not just a place to study it is the best phase of one’s life.

Finding the right friends in that phase is what makes the phase beautiful.

At times, we feel like expressing pictures of friends on Instagram but we cannot find words because friendship is about emotions and not words.

Then browse through our list, we have captions for every college situations, like friends of college, funny captions for college friends, friend captions for your female friend, for your male friends and what not.

We even have friends for situations like weird captions for friends.

ig captions for best friends

  • I was worried about my new college, and then I made some crazy friends.
  • When I feel low I make fun of my friend, and when I don’t; I still make fun of him 😛
  • I let my friends go to all of my stuff, because what is mine is theirs too.

Best captions for family and friends

We understand that sometimes our friends become family. However, lucky are those who have friends as family.

It can be one of the biggest boon of one’s life to have friends who are their cousins, siblings or family members.

We have a long list of captions for this occasion as well.

Therefore, if you are looking for captions to express your friendship with your cousins and siblings then we have a long list for you.

These captions will express your friendship with your brothers, sisters, etc.

This is because we have Instagram captions for brothers, Instagram captions for sisters and even Instagram captions for siblings. So do not wait and browse through them today.

  • If you can be friends with your siblings then you can be friends with anyone.
  • Life is happy! I have siblings who are my best friends.
  • Crazy cousins/siblings made the best of friends.

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Best captions for friends for life

We understand how deep your bond of friendship is and how important are your friends for you.

And for those moments when you want to upload a picture on Instagram with your friend but cannot find a perfect caption.

At those moment we come to aid you just like your friend comes to aid you when you are in trouble.

We have best quotes for situations like strong bond between friends, funny quotes on friends, how to insult your best friend because he deserves it), quotes of superhero for your friends and you.

So do not wait and scroll down to find your perfect caption.

  • What is it like to have a highly intellectual best friend? Ask my friend he has it, not me.
  • If friendship would ever be a subject then my friend will top the university.
  • Everybody talks about having the greatest best friend of all time. Unfortunately, only my best friend is correct 😉

instagram captions for friends

  1. With you all being my side, I will fight demons and evil.
  2. From being strangers to kill from being family to die, a lot has changed since then.
  3. Finding true friends is really a bliss, I’m grateful for these stupid coming in my life.
  4. Take me to a ride of joy but let my friend come along.
  5. You see this innocent face of my friend. He is innocent only in front of my parents.
  6. They asked me to choose between girlfriend and best friend. I don’t know where my girl friend is now.
  7. I have friends who will come to rescue with at 2am in morning but will never reach on time for partying.
  8. Everytime I fall, there is my friend to pick me up, after that bastard finishes laughing.
  9. Make friends with whom you can go for a breakfast at 6am and for a beer at 2am.
  10. Friends should be those who push you towards excellence.
  11. Who said love doesn’t happen in friendship. Me and my best friend are the bestest of lovers, yet friends.
  12. You are cure to my blue.
  13. You make me laugh even when I don’t want to smile, you are that stupid and ugly. :p
  14. Attributes of my best friend: stupid, crazy, idiot, dumb. Anything good? No 😛
  15. If I die, let my best friend have my cell phone. Why? You know why 😉
  16. I do not need a girl friend; I have this amazing person by my side.
  17. My mother thinks I am in love with a girl, she does not know I keep talking with my friend all day.
  18. I need my best friends as if someone needs oxygen for living.
  19. My mother thinks I am in love with a guy, she doesn’t know I keep talking with my best friend al day.
  20. I don’t drink beer to get high, my best friend is enough to get me high on awesomeness.
  21. I was all alone when I started walking. And see now I have a family made of my friends.
  22. Friends are those with whom you don’t get awkward in any situation.
  23. We have a bond of friendship stronger than any lover.
  24. She isn’t my girl friend, she is my best friend.
  25. She is not my boy friend, she is my best friend.
  26. Friends, camping, drinks, and childhood stories: life sorted.
  27. Difference between friends and family? No, they are same for me.
  28. I had a friend in my childhood, now he is my best friend.
  29. I had a friend in my childhood, we are strangers now.
  30. Some friendships break. And some grow stronger with passage of time.
  31. Friends can also break your heart. For instance by making new friends.
  32. If somebody hears me and best friend talking, we are going either jail or in mental asylum.
  33. One day I was sad and then my best friend walked in, now I am the happiest person.
  34. I don’t know how people find good friends. All I have is some crazy bunch of family.
  35. Caption for my friends? I am uploading their picture, isn’t that enough for them 😉
  36. If I write for you my friend then I will run short of words because I don’t lie. 😛
  37. Good food and best fiends together, need anything else. No!
  38. Hard to find is diamonds but not a good friend. See how easily my friend found me.
  39. My friend knows all my secrets, more than I have told him/her.
  40. It is funny how their friends irritate them. All my friends do is eat and sleep.
  41. Friends is so small word to describe them, they are my family.
  42. Friends enter when the lover leaves.
  43. Hi5 to the best of our friendship.
  44. Friendship is better than pizza. Just kidding.
  45. With my best friend I am even ready to share the last slice of pizza as well.
  46. If I write a book ever then my friend will be the major part of it.
  47. One day I was sad then I made a friend now my cheeks hurt from laughing.
  48. How do you get perfect pictures? My friend is a photographer.
  49. Lover breaks your heart whereas friends heal it.

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  1. I was lost in my life, and then I met my best friend, now we both are lost.
  2. When I met him/her, I did not know that I was making friends for life.
  3. From being strangers to brothers/sisters for life. Friendship occurred.
  4. People have best friends, I have soul sister.
  5. If a boy ever breaks my heart, my friend will make sure he pays for it.
  6. A best friend is for kids, real girls make sisters for life.
  7. From sharing rooms to clothes, a lot changed with my friend.
  8. My roommate is my best friend because she is the best.
  9. She is the best and she is my friend.
  10. He is the best and he is my friend.
  11. She take care of me as my mother, she is my best friend.
  12. Friend in need is a sister in deed.
  13. College give you more than a degree, it gave me my friend.
  14. Friends are like mobile network, without them all we do is play games.
  15. On a journey of life, friends are like steering wheel.
  16. When I laugh my friends laugh with me and when I cry they still laugh at me.
  17. She is not my friend she is my sister from another mother.
  18. We are brothers from different mother.
  19. To live happy all you need is a good friend, and of course lots of money.
  20. Female friends are the biggest boon of anyone’s life.
  21. To make a friend is easy, what is difficult is to maintain that friendship.
  22. I laugh every time I see face of my best friend.
  23. To all those people jealous of our friendship, keep being jealous.
  24. We are bros before hoes and always will be.
  25. My friend eats like a pig and sleeps like a panda.
  26. I’m jealous of my friends, they eat all day and still not get fat.
  27. Our friendship blooms like a flowers in spring season.
  28. If I am batman my best friend is Robin.
  29. My friend is Sherlock to my Watson.
  30. If I am ironman my friend is Jarvis, only he wont die.
  31. My friend is my superhero because everytime I am in trouble he/she saves me.
  32. If I am ever accused of crime, its my best friend who would have advised me of doing so.
  33. My friend solves my problem not giving advice but by relieving me from stress.
  34. My friend is the cure to my illness.
  35. Everytime my heart breaks my friend is always there for me.
  36. Friendship is like an art, if you do not take interest in it then it is going to spoil.
  37. If my friend ever reaches on time, I doubt him/her for being even being real.
  38. If your friend don’t make you wait for hours is he/she even your friend/
  39. Once I met a stranger and then that stranger turned me in to a crazy person. That stranger is my best friend.
  40. The only true thing in this unreal world is the long abuses of your friend.
  41. If you have not lied for your friends are you even friends.
  42. To make friends is like choosing a outfit because they will represent your personality.
  43. From finding a lover to help you hide a body, your best friend will accompany you in all the situations.
  44. If you find a friend with whom you can be the real you, do not leave him/her. I repeat DO NOT!
  45. Friendship is like a boat, you need deep water to row it, just like you need deep understanding for friendship.
  46. Lucky are those who have friends of childhood as the friends of adulthood. Yayyayy lucky me!
  47. My friend is desperately waiting for a day I find lover so that I stop troubling him/her for drama. Just kidding I am never leaving that dumbass.
  48. If love is my weakest point then friendship is my strongest.
  49. How can people tolerate a large group of friends, I cant even handle two of them.
  50. If you do not plan crazy marriage ideas for each other, are you two even friends?
  51. Hey there, your craziness meets mine let us be friends forever.
  52. It is the season of friendship, how about you and I be friends forever.
  53. The only time I like word friend is with best as in bestfriend not in friendzone.
  54. The friendship we share is not the time we spend but the bond we made over time.
  55. Friendship is like a tree which grows deep in its root over time.
  56. If you do not complain to your friends about how annoying they are, you are not that close.
  57. Abusing is the new form of love we share with our friends these days.
  58. The only time I like too much is with my friend not with lover, not with anyone. Just him/her.
  59. People think I don’t talk with my friend because friendship is over. They probably do not know that we do not need we communicate emotions not words.
  60. If your best friend doesn’t whine to you ever single time then he is hiding something from you.

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  1. There is a road of friendship that is built from the material of love.
  2. If your male bestfriend does not ask you to find a girl for him, probably he is into you.
  3. Girls be aware, all the male best friends you have, either going to forget you or fall in love with you.
  4. I can leave everything in my life but not the friend I have, that asshole knows too much of my secret.
  5. I have perfect best friend, because he/she is m y best friend and I am perfect.
  6. Once my best friend and lover promised to stay with me forever and see one of them has kept his/her promise.
  7. Being a friend with male is difficult, either he is hungry or horny.
  8. How about we change our relationship status, we shall move from friends to best friends.
  9. There may come hundred problems but my best friend will fight for me always.
  10. Once a boy broke my heart, my best friend ensured that I survive the damage.
  11. To my happy days, sad days, crazy days, gloomy days all I need is that one person; my best friend.
  12. Hey, my friend I do not know how things will have been in your life if I would not be there.
  13. Value your best friend because when you will get drunk at night and whine he will be the one to hold you.
  14. Beautiful is our friendship, our bond and the trust, in short everything is beautiful just not you idiot.
  15. I do not need money I need friends. Oh wait… no I need both friends and money.
  16. My friend sleeps like a panda just sometimes he/she forgets to wake up for a complete day.
  17. Crazy is you and crazy is me. Together we are the craziest of all.
  18. My roommate is my best friend because without her staying out and alone will be boring.
  19. Give me new friends, old ones are either committed or just assholes.
  20. The friend who lets you keep his bikes and other stuff for days is your true best friend.
  21. Whenever I abuse my friend, the world thinks we are fighting but we know we are deepening our bond.
  22. I have found my best friends as the breath finds the air.
  23. Travelling is the second best cure to everything, first is still your best friend.
  24. I would have stumbled on the first step of life if my best friend would not have been there to hold me up.
  25. If your friends let you talk nicely on call without interfering, they are not your friends.
  26. My best friend wants me so desperately to date that sometimes she browses boys for me. If you do not have a group of friends in college then you are missing a lot of fun.
  27. Your friends support in difficult but only after they abuse you in getting the situation.
  28. College is the time, when you see make lots of friends and loose even more.
  29. College is not about having a lot many friends but a handful of them who will be there in every thick and thin.
  30. Friends come and go but those who stay become family.
  31. College life can be very boring or interesting depending upon the type of friends you have; mine is interesting.
  32. Everytime I see my college friends they reminds me of zoo.
  33. How can I not go college, after all I have to meet my friends, not the studies.
  34. Things go south in life but college friends stay no matter in what your direction life is going.
  35. The best and worst friends are found within the walls of college.
  36. College is like a pond, you have to fish your own friends in that.
  37. How can I not miss my college days, I made some best of friends there.
  38. If you have cousins who are your best friends then automatically you have a cooler life.
  39. If friends can be family then your family can be your best friend too.
  40. My brother is of my age and is the best friend for my life.
  41. How can my siblings be not my best friend after all I have all fun with them?
  42. If you can a great time with your family then you can also find your best friend in them.
  43. Lucky are those who have cousins who do not let you get bore in family functions.
  44. Siblings are the friends that you get from heaven.
  45. If you can have a girl as your best friend then you can solve all your life problems.
  46. Female best friends are not only just friends but also the teacher for life.
  47. If you have girl besties then you are sorted for life.
  48. Seeing this girl in picture? She is the craziest friend a guy can have.
  49. Lucky are those people whose female friends play different games with them.
  50. Female best friends are better to have than a girlfriend. If you have one then you are the luckiest of all.
  51. A female best friend can teach you to be a wild animal and a gentleman at the same time.
  52. I have a female friend; she is my best friend for life.
  53. Girls are better options to make friends; they will set you with their female friends for a date.
  54. Female best friends are the angles of your life as well the bitches.
  55. We are not just the sisters from same mother; we are the best friends for life.
  56. My younger sister is my best friend.
  57. My elder is not my sister; she is my friend as she is there for me at every step of life.
  58. Sister! Sister! You are not my sister anymore, from today I declare you my best friend.
  59. I do not friends from outside; my mother has taken care of it by providing me the best sister as my bestfriend.
  60. We are siblings afterwards, best friends first.
  61. People often misunderstand us for being friends and not siblings we share that crazy bond. In addition, she is short.
  62. My sister is my today, tomorrow and every day. She is my best friend.
  63. If you can find the best friend in your sister then you can find everything in your life.
  64. My family gifted me the best thing; they have given me a friend in the form of my sister.
  65. Your brother is your first friend and the first enemy as well.
  66. I don’t need friends, I have my elder brother as my best friend.
  67. Two brothers share the bond deeper than anyone can share.
  68. He is my best friend and I am his, and we are brothers from same mother; and father.
  69. You see that tall gut there; he is my friend and bother.
  70. If I could have asked for one thing from god, it would be to have my brother as my friend for every life.
  71. Deeper than the ocean is the bond we share.
  72. We are together from the day we are born; we are best friends who happen to be twins as well.
  73. Happiness can be found in every corner, for example, I found happiness in my friend.
  74. There is no perfection in friendship just accepting the differences and still being friends.
  75. Just like a circle, we have our friendship; no end no staring just round and round.
  76. My heart needs my best friend all the time and some food.
  77. My friend is precious to me like a jewel to the king.
  78. A deep conversation with my friend solves half of my friends without any efforts.
  79. We are so much best friends that even our hearts are best friends.
  80. Sometimes we do not need friends to stop our tears but friends who will let them flow and still be with us.
  81. An honest friend is the best gift one can get from life.
  82. If life is the food then friends are the most important part of recipe.
  83. Life can be good or bad, depending upon the type of friends you have.
  84. My friend does not only believe in me but also makes me believe in myself.
  85. A blessing can be in any form, for example see my best friend.
  86. Looking at my best friend and thinking that who else will tolerate him/her if not me.
  87. Some friendships start with the sentence “oh! You too?”
  88. If someone can know the difference between “I will come”, “I will come” and “I will come” then it is my best friend.
  89. My friend does not help me directly everytime I am in trouble, his helping usually starts after kicking my balls for being in the problem.
  90. If you do not bother about cleaning your room on your friend’s arrival then he/she is your best friend.
  91. The happy times of my life has my best friend in it.
  92. We are best friends for life ad when we die, we will be ghost friends wandering and scaring people.
  93. Life is better and bitter all because of friends. Good friends make it better and worst make it bitter.
  94. We speak the language known by all but felt by only few, we speak the language of love.
  95. Some people enter in your life to be your friends forever.
  96. If you cherish silence with your friend then you can cherish every phase of life with them.
  97. My hobbies include taking ugly pictures of my best friend and uploading them on Instagram.
  98. Words are optional when you have permanent friends.
  99. If flower is the friendship, then my flower will bloom in all the seasons.
  100. Counting blessing can be along task when you have your friend as the best blessing of them.
  101. Crazy people have the shyest people as their best friends to equalize the things.
  102. Two people can also make a gang; see my best friend and me for the best example.
  103. Relatives can be good too when they provide you with cousins who become your best friend.
  104. My friend should respect me because without me his/her life will be boring.
  105. A day that is spent together with your friends is the day that counts the most in terms of happiness.
  106. Dogs can also be your best friends and it doesn’t matter if the dog has four legs or two.
  107. Love can get from many sources but getting love from your best friend feels the best in world.
  108. Nothing feels better than feeling loved from your best friend.
  109. When I fight with my best friend, I know it won’t last longer because after sometime I have to go and save his ass.
  110. I was an innocent person then my best friend came and I am still innocent. Just kidding, now I am the craziest.
  111. Gossiping is for other girls, when I talk with my friends, it is usually sharing vital information to each other.
  112. Life is a journey where seeking friends is like seeking your fellow travelers.
  113. If I can be the weirdest case of myself then you are my best friend.
  114. My friend will join me if he/she sees me doing anything crazy rather than stopping me.
  115. Half of my problems will be solved if my best friend would not be this much annoying.
  116. My best friend can make heaven look like hell; he/she is that crazy.
  117. Be it a mile or thousand-distance will not matter between my friend and me.
  118. Sunshine and friends can be the best way to start your day with.
  119. People say true love is very rare but finding the best friend for life is even a rare event.
  120. My friends are like snowflakes, all of them are different yet beautiful in their own ways.
  121. I irrigate my best friend more than I irritate my enemy and people I hate.
  122. Everytime I get mood swings my best friends solve them with food.
  123. I cannot be angry with my best friend for a long time because everytime I get angry he/she brings me my favorite food.
  124. My best friend cannot understand a simple thing of his/her life but when it comes to my problems suddenly, he holds PhD in that situation.
  125. New friends are like new movies, you have to experience them to know which ones are good and which ones are bad.
  126. My friend makes fun of me, as I am not his friend but his enemy.
  127. My friends are amazing finder because they have found me.
  128. Awesome people make the best of friends.
  129. Making me smile in hard times is just one of the attribute my friend posses.
  130. To my every incompleteness, my friend is there to complete the missing part.

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