Instagram Captions for Couples

200+ Best Instagram Captions for couples

Captions are the most important thing when uploading pictures on Instagram because without them pictures feel incomplete.

Therefore, we need captions for all occasions especially when you are in the relationship and want to share a beautiful picture with your loved ones.

Couples are the happiest people on this planet and they are one of those who shares love and care in all the situations.

Quotes on happy couples life, happy moments, to share love, to tell about tour feelings, to express each other’s presence.

If you are looking for quotes on these topics then you can look through the long lists of quotes from below.

These quotes are specially written for couples to share their special bond.

The following quotes will help you in situations of happy moments, love, caring, emotions, understanding, closeness, and feeling of understanding.

So use these quotes and keep spreading the love with your partner and keep blooming in love.

  • I want to make you happy to the point where you can’t stop smiling
  • Take my hand and lead me to stars
  • Where to? The stars may be!
  • The best type of love is unexpected
  • Your love is an ache that I will always remember

Best quotes on closeness for couples

Are you looking for quotes on couples to share your closeness with each other? Want to upload a picture on Instagram but running out of quotes then this will help you.

We have a long list of quotes that will help in sharing about how close you are with your partner, how special your bond is with each other and how much you both understand each other.

If you want to express your love to your partner by telling them how you feel in their presence then these quotes will surely help you in doing so.

We have handpicked the quotes and are exclusively written by our writers for such occasions.

These quotes are perfect for depicting the perfect love story of couples who are bided together in this bond of love. So don’t wait to use these Instagram quotes to share your love.

  • Last night I counted the reasons why I loved you and I am still counting…
  • Real love doesn’t meet you at your best it saves you from your mess
  • Be my gravity and I can be your oxygen
  • Tell the moon I am spending the night in your light!
  • I found you in this silence of galaxy


    1. My moon and stars
    2. It’s the look in your eyes that keeps me going
    3. You are the road to my destiny
    4. Just the bunch of precious people making me forget about my phone
    5. Can heaven look better than this?
    6. Something in you lights up heaven in me
    7. U make me “oh I love myself” kind of happy!
    8. Walk with me through the garden of dreams!
    9. Being together is not an option its destiny!
    10. The most beautiful memory to last till eternity
    11. There is something about the way you call my name
    12. It’s all about wanting to fall asleep in your arms every night
    13. Poison and antidote… all at once!
    14. Trying to feel how forever feels
    15. I may not be your home but I can shelter you by my love!
    16. It’s the wrong person holding you If you can’t find peace in their arms
    17. Memories may fade… but the love always stays
    18. There is a heaven and there is a hell and then there is YOU!
    19. Its best to stumble on someone that can lit an undying fire in you
    20. You make me feel like I am living a dream
    21. They made it look easy, that thing called love!
    22. Believe in love
    23. Best things in life are better when you don’t expect them
    24. Take action, and it will happen!
    25. I knew I was Lucky and screwed when I saw you!
    26. It’s all about an instant connection
    27. Love like you are not promised tomorrow!
    28. Forgive me for every unappreciated second
    29. You are the cure and you are the pain!
    30. I could happily Dance through the streets of hell and heaven holding your hand
    31. Never knew that it could mean so much
    32. The ones who love you, never let you beg for their presence
    33. Find someone who supports your dreams and nourish your growth
    34. You bring me peace after travelling the world
    35. Love has the power to cover up pains!
    36. You are my happy world!
    37. The shine in me is a reflection of you
    38. Stop thinking about how the love should me. Let it grow and see where it takes you!
    39. Conversations make the best affairs
    40. My heaven smells like you!
    41. We all are just the needs getting fulfilled
    42. U cannot beg to be loved!
    43. There is always a message in the way you are being treated
    44. Love the one who is proud to have you
    45. I want to make you the happiest you have ever been
    46. I knew I wanted you just when I saw you laughing
    47. Choose wisely whom you exchange your energy with
    48. You are the one I wouldn’t mind losing my sleep forever
    49. What’s love? Its everything when I look at you
    50. Meet me at midnight and I will take you to the forest of my dreams
    51. You make my life smell like roses
    52. I look at you and I feel like home
    53. The best thing you did for me is that you never gave up!
    54. Fall in love with someone who will never let you sleep wondering what went wrong!
    55. If love is somewhere to be found it has to be your eyes.
    56. Of all the things I love, YOU top the list baby.
    57. If I could stop thinking about you I would but I couldn’t.
    58. Love is when you speak to me not in words but in your silence.
    59. If love is ever measured in distance you would be as close to me as I am to myself.
    60. Couples talk about finding a perfect partner, luckily only I’m right.
    61. Your presence is same as what oxygen is to human body; because without you I die.
    62. Every time I close my eyes IU don’t see you, instead I see us together and happy.
    63. Love me like it’s the last day of being together.
    64. You and I make a perfect couple.
    65. Stealing is a crime but I have stolen your heart and now its mine.
    66. Your name looks good perfect beside mine with a heart in between.
    67. You, me and movies with a cuddle makes a perfect date night.
    68. Being in relationship doesn’t make you a couple, being in love does.
    69. I never miss you because your presence is always there in my heart.
    70. If love is addiction then you are my drug.
    71. Couple goals: a day that starts together and ends together.
    72. Couple goals: you, me and our complete life.
    73. If love is a drug then I am addicted to you baby.
    74. Then they both lived happily ever after.
    75. I’m planning on changing my surname, would you mind if I take yours.
    76. Best part about being with you is that I don’t have to chase your love baby.
    77. If I have to give you any cute names then it would be my surname.
    78. After giving you all my love another thing that I want to gives to you is my surname.
    79. You are stuck in my mind as magnet to iron.
    80. I don’t want t live forever if that forever doesn’t include you.
    81. Your smile makes me love you even more.
    82. When I look into your eyes all I see is true love for me.
    83. Being with you is the best thing that has ever happened with me.
    84. With you beside me I’m invincible my love.
    85. Let’s build our perfect world, you me and lots of love.
    86. I will love you even when I don’t love myself.
    87. My heart has space only for you and no one else.
    88. Every day I want to wake up next to you.
    89. Every time you smile I still skip a beat in my heart.
    90. Even if I try I couldn’t hate you, you are that level of cute.
    91. Best friends make the best couple, though you should know this.
    92. If I have to choose between love and money, would you love me with no money?
    93. Be aware of other girls they want to steal you from me.
    94. Be aware he is my boyfriend.
    95. Parental advisory: explicit boyfriend.
    96. Parental advisory: explicit girlfriend.
    97. Hold my hand and promise to never leave it, my love.
    98. When we stay together all your hoodies and over size shirts are mine 😉
    99. Every time I breathe, I breathe you name within.
    100. If you ever have a bad day tell me I will wrap you in my arms.
    101. On a bad day all in I need is my coffee and cuddle from you.
    102. I fall in love with your beauty every time I see you.
    103. You know what look good on your lips, my name.
    104. If you ever fall my love, I will catch you.
    105. You are the destination to my journey of life.
    106. Let us travel the world you and me as a couple.
    107. If I have to do only one thing in my life, it would be to love you.
    108. I will love you even when your smile will turn into wrinkles.
    109. We will be together even when we turn old.
    110. I want to turn old with you.
    111. Let us make memories of love together.
    112. My search for love stops at you.
    113. You are exactly as I have seen in my dreams.
    114. You are sweeter than the chocolates.
    115. Would you share a life with me?
    116. If couples are made in heaven than you and me are made for each other.
    117. I will never hang up on you.
    118. Loving you was never an option it is always a priority.
    119. With every passing day my love for you keeps increasing.
    120. You are an epitome of love for me.
    121. I will love you more in dark and gloomy days.
    122. The best part of loving you is I get more than what I give to you.
    123. We are tangled with each other like a never opening knot.
    124. I love you to the level that I will sit with you to match a cricket match.
    125. I love you to the level where I will sit with you to watch a football match.
    126. Take me to the moons far from the eyes of the world, a place where only love exists.
    127. The only thing that I want from you is your love and trust.
    128. I pity those who want to feel your love but you love me.
    129. I was a wanderer with you as my destination; my love.
    130. I promise to love you from my heart and soul.
    131. My soul is in deep love with your name written all over it.
    132. I’m scared to be alone, would you mind if I hold your hands; forever.
    133. I think I am ill, I only think about you and me all the time.
    134. Our connection is deeper than the bonds of nature.
    135. Our connection is as strong as an unbreakable bond.
    136. I love you to the point where I trust you with my life.
    137. Of all the happy couples, we are the happiest.
    138. Let’s fall in love and exchange vows to become one for life.
    139. Your love is calm to my chaos.
    140. I look in mirror and I see myself holding your hand.
    141. This smile is beautiful when you compliment it.
    142. You are the reason to my smile and dimples.
    143. Every time you smile I want time to stop for you and me.
    144. If you cannot sleep at night then I will stay awake with you.
    145. I want to share myself with you.
    146. You haves stolen my heart, now it’s time I steal yours baby.
    147. For all the things I’m grateful to god, your presence is the top of them.
    148. Hold my hand and never let it go.
    149. Take me in yours arms and never let me go.
    150. People think my smile is the prettiest but they don’t know that you are the reason behind it.
    151. You are my one stop for all my happiness.
    152. With you life is perfect.
    153. Waking up next to you every morning is the best thing ever happened with me.
    154. The more we stay together the more I fall in love with you.
    155. A long drive with you in backseat is every couple’s dream.
    156. A drive in a car with rain drizzling and you beside me is the best monsoon treat.
    157. God has created only one person like you and that’s me my love.
    158. For me your love is a life savior.
    159. I love you more than I love my pizza.
    160. Take me in your heart and never let me go.
    161. Would you be my love for the life?
    162. You are the home which I never had.
    163. I love you so much that I will play video games with you.

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    1. Naming each other is for kids, true couples share the surname.
    2. You took my heart now it’s time I take YOU.
    3. After a fight I promise to love you even more.
    4. I will love you when you will be at your lowest.
    5. I will trace your body like morning rays of sun trace the earth.
    6. You know what looks perfect on your lips, my lips.
    7. I want us to be as close where we can feel each other’s breath.
    8. I can never be mad at you because your smile never allows me to.
    9. When I hug you, I take my world in my arms because you are my world.
    10. If love has to measure in sweetness then I would already be suffering from diabetes.
    11. I heard you cannot kiss for long duration, want to check out that theory?
    12. Our connection of love will last longer than time.
    13. I will love you to moon and back, 768800KM to be exact.
    14. Your are the kind of beautiful that will give moon a run for its money.
    15. If a would be a writer I would never stop writing about you.
    16. You are the spark of my life love.
    17. Of all things in my life your love is what I want to hold the longest.
    18. Staying as best friends is the best way to be a perfect couple.
    19. Love should be true primarily; honesty and trustworthiness all are secondary.
    20. If you can grow in love together, your love will last forever.
    21. Of all the things, your lips are the sweetest I ever tasted.
    22. A cozy morning with me in your arms is the best morning ever.
    23. Caption is for fake couples, real couples show love to each other not on social media.
    24. Of all the human beings in worlds my eyes search for you.
    25. You are my eye candy.
    26. If we ever play truth and dare, I will always take truth because I don’t have anything to hide from you.
    27. You are the cure to my blue.
    28. I even dream about you and me being together.
    29. Someone asked me to write all the things I love and my list ended with your name only.
    30. When you hold my hand I become strong enough to face the world.
    31. If love is painting then you are my canvas.
    32. To stay away from you is like staying away from life, because baby you are my life.
    33. I’m prisoner to your love.
    34. When you kiss me I feel my world sparkling.
    35. A perfect date isn’t about spending money instead its about spending time together.
    36. I would not die for you because I want to live with you forever.
    37. Every time you laugh I want to be the reason behind it.
    38. I have tattooed your name on my heart.
    39. The moment I saw you was the moment I fall in love with you forever.
    40. Sometimes I want to take you out from picture and shower all my love on you.
    41. The distance between us doesn’t matter because you always stay in my thoughts.
    42. I’m the writer of poems which comes from our love.
    43. I’m high on your love.
    44. The only thing I’m addicted to is you.
    45. I want all the love from the world and I want it all from you.
    46. Your love made me a drinker; I drink nectar of love from your lips.
    47. I would have never fallen in love if you wouldn’t have come in my life.
    48. People claim to have a hottest girlfriend but only mine is correct.
    49. People claim to have coolest boyfriend but only mine claim is correct.
    50. I would never let you experience the break up phase because I would never leave you.
    51. I promise to wipe your tears before they touch your cheeks.
    52. Your love keeps making me a better person with every passing day.
    53. From being no one to being everything of each other, we have travelled a beautiful journey of love.
  1. The only thing I pray to god is that I never have to live without you.
  2. I want to live and grow old with you as my partner.
  3. I feel butterflies in my stomach every time I hear your name.
  4. If someone’s presence makes you blush then my dear friend you are in love.
  5. I fear that I will lose you, would you hold my hand forever.
  6. I will set fire of love in your heart same as you have set in my heart.
  7. I’m not a writer but every time you are in my thoughts, I want to write about you.
  8. I will always be there, where your heart goes. You and I are bind together in this pure relation of love.
  9. When your fingers tangle in mine, I wish to never let you go away from me.
  10. Your touch makes me tremble in love.
  11. Sometimes I wish to be your shadow so I can be with you forever.
  12. My love says everything to me but not goodbye.
  13. The only time we will be apart is… just kidding I can never be apart from you.
  14. Last night you kissed me for the first time, and I got addicted to your love.
  15. You are the girl about whom I have always dreamed about.
  16. I don’t need a knight in shining armor because I have you.
  17. I love you for the fact that you read through my eyes and understand to my silence.
  18. From the time we are together is the time since from when I started being truly happy.
  19. On a scale of one to ten I’m always a nine because you are the one I need baby.
  20. I want to witness all the seasons of love with you.
  21. When I hold you close, I feel myself being home.
  22. Your arms are the home which I never had.
  23. I want to trace your body with all my love and affection.
  24. My love for you is unconditional because you always loves me back no matter what.
  25. If I ever hurt you, I will be hurting myself because your happiness is my happiness.
  26. I become sad when you don’t smile for me baby.
  27. You and I make the perfect couple.
  28. Take my hand and follow me into our world of love.
  29. Sometimes you are in my thoughts, sometimes in my dreams but where ever you comes; your presence is always with me.
  30. When you take my name in your voice, all I want is to keep listening you.
  31. I want to live the dream life with you which we once planned together.
  32. I want to speak thousand words to you but all I manage to speak is YOU ARE MINE.
  33. All the love stories I have ever read, you and mine is the best of all.
  34. When I hug you and you hug me back even tighter is the best feeling ever.
  35. I want to feel my hands between your hairs while you lay i8n my lap.
  36. I want to keep my head in your lap and keep talking to you all day.
  37. When you hug me, I do not just feel your body but I also feel your love for me.
  38. Once your lips traced mine and from that I got addicted to you.
  39. The best part of our relationship is that you are my friend first then a lover.
  40. If you ever feel lonely then remember there is someone who is living to just see you smiling.
  41. I want to make you feel all my love through our lips.
  42. If you ever feel scared then remember I am waiting with open arms to hug you.
  43. Hugs that are converted in kisses are the sign of perfect relationship.
  44. Some days I love you less, some days a little more but important thing is that I love you daily.
  45. I express my love for you through my actions not from my words.
  46. You are the perfection to all my imperfections.
  47. I love all your broken pieces and sharp edges like they are mine to be loved.
  48. Your loves makes me a responsible human being.
  49. Hold my hand and I will show you the world my love.
  50. I want to travel the world but with you as in my company.
  51. You are a resident of my heart baby.
  52. You are the most beautiful thing that is part of my life.
  53. When I think of future, I think of us being together.
  54. Of all the things I promise to give you, my love will be the first of it.
  55. Once you said I look good while smiling, since then I’m always smiling.
  56. You are the perfect partner which everyone hopes to meet.
  57. I’m in so deep love with you that I see no beginning and end of our love story.
  58. If my life will be a book, your chapter will be the last of it.
  59. My day starts with you in my mind and ends with you in my thoughts.
  60. Our love for each other is as strong as mountains in nature.
  61. To spaces between my fingers are meant to be filled by your fingers in my hand.
  62. Of all the people in my life you are the most important person of my life.

Best quotes on hugs and kisses for couples

We understand how important it is to express your love for your partner.

The moments of closeness, you share with each other. The times of joy and the memories that you create. The close moments, which you share in each other’s arm or even close.

To share such moments you need good captions for Instagram so that you can share perfect moments and even perfect pictures.

Sometimes you need to express a moment on social media with a perfect caption and at those moments you can use these captions on hugs, kisses, cuddle, etc. all these moments could be well expressed using these quotes.

They can also be used in situations when you want to embrace the true love with your partner.
So don’t wait and share your all your moments of love on Instagram with these quotes about couples. They will surely help you get more likes and comments on your pictures.

  • You are the best partner because you love me even when I do not love myself.
  • I would not die without your presence but it wouldn’t be living either.
  • If your love is dream then let me sleep forever.
  • You are the kind of lover about whom I have read in books.
  • If there is anything perfect in my life then it’s us; a perfect couple.

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