Instagram Captions for Boys

200+ Best Instagram Captions for Boys 

Whether you are posting a picture of your last crazy all boys’ party or sharing photos of your biggest gaming moment, your Insta-photos are incomplete without perfect Instagram captions.

When it comes to keeping your followers engaged and interested in your posts, expressing your feeling with a cool caption along with the Instagram photo does the trick.

Increasing your social media engagement, the Instagram captions help you to boost likes, views and comments for your Insta-posts.

What are you waiting for boys? Check out the following list of some cool Instagram captions for boys and let thousands of likes, comments making their way in your Insta-posts.



Sports Instagram captions for boys

If you are looking for some cool sports captions to post with a wonderful shot of your favourite team, here are some great sports captions to make your Insta posts exciting.

  1. We searched a lot to find a competition but couldn’t get one.
  2. Fight On Boys!
  3. You pray for it, we work hard for it.
  4. Boys love sports, girls love players.
  5. Play smart, Work hard and Win easy.
  6. Pain is momentary, glory is forever.
  7. It’s a big game day.
  8. Champions play as one team.
  9. You can do it.
  10. Champions train losers complain.
  11. Say No to Defeat.

Friends Instagram Captions for Boys

If you want to celebrate every moment of your friendship on Instagram but failing to give proper captions to these photos, here are some Instagram captions that can bring a smile on his face.

  1. My friends and I are the craziest human beings I have ever come across.
  2. Happiness is doing crazy things with you guys!
  3. Remember, if we get caught, you are dumb and I am deaf.
  4. What is tighter? Our denim or our friendship?
  5. It’s the best friend you can call at midnight and ask to get ready for a party.
  6. Best friends don’t feel bad when you insult them. They chuckle and call you something even more disgusting right back.
  7. With you people, my life is nothing less than an adventure.
  8. Having friends with the same mental disorder is pure bliss.
  9. Friends are meant to be disturbed all the time.
  10. Great times + Crazy friends= Unforgettable memories!
  11. Friends don’t allow you to do silly things alone!
  12. We are sent to this world as best friends because our moms wouldn’t manage us as brothers.
  13. People think I am introvert but my friends know that I am insane.

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Travel Instagram captions for boys

If writing captions that go perfectly with your wanderlust photos give your hard times, check the following list of some awesome travel captions and boost likes and comments on your posts.

  1. I get the best sleep under the stars.
  2. Relationship status: Engaged with adventure
  3. Let’s find the place where the mobile network is weak.
  4. Life is all about travelling, fun and friends to accompany you.
  5. I find solace in the mountains.
  6. Travelling is my best therapy.
  7. Travelling turns me into a storyteller.
  8. Soaking in Vitamin C.
  9. It’s really bad to keep a vacation waiting.
  10. Getting lost will sometimes help you to find yourselves.
  11. All you need a destination and a bag pack to disappear from the mundane.
  12. Collect moments, leave footprints behind.
  13. Let’s buy one way flight ticket and never come back.

Gym Instagram captions for Boys


Whether you are working hard to get the chiseled body of your dream or hit the gym for the first time, you always need some great captions for your fitness-fueled pictures that you share on Instagram.

  1. Keep your squats low and moral high.
  2. Hustle for the muscle!
  3. I can and I will…Wait and watch me.
  4. Don’t stop until you have achieved it.
  5. Life is all about ups and downs, we call it squats.
  6. When my abs scream STOP, my mind shouts NEVER
  7. Abs is made in the gym, not in the kitchen.
  8. I believe in making results, not excuses.
  9. I lift heavy and push my limit to be the beast.
  10. I.P Fat!
  11. Excuses don’t build muscles.
  12. Get fit or go home.

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 Instagram captions Video game

Make your biggest gaming victory posts Insta-worthy with some powerful captions along with it.

  1. Nothing like saving the world from zombies.
  2. Happiness is fighting someone from another world.
  3. It’s all about experiencing a whole new world every time you start.
  4. Protecting the world while eating my favourite burger…I love Video games.
  5. Workout time for my brain.
  6. No heroes, only survivors matter.
  7. Video games ruin my life…Still, I have three more.
  8. We don’t die…We respawn.
  9. Escape reality and play games.
  10. Gaming is in my blood.
  11. Gamers don’t be afraid of the apocalypse.
  12. Eat, Sleep and Game.
  13. Battling enemies, smashing cars and blowing stuff up give me an adrenaline rush.

Whether you use one of the Instagram captions from our list or create your own to get more eyeballs on your Instagram photos, have some fun-filled, punchy captions that are relevant to the pictures.  Go ahead and make your Instagram captions whisper the untold story behind the picture!

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