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 All You Need to Know About the Art of Instagram Captions

Instagram photos are only one half of the engagement experience users have when they post on their profiles.

The other important half is the caption for every post. Captions are the space where people put Instagram hashtags, and give a textual meaning to their photo.

But everyone runs out of appealing captions to write for every post of theirs. This situation applies for business accounts on Instagram too. Captions should be captivating, fun and informative all at the same time.

What a beautiful picture! It’s all messed up with the hilarious caption. Usually, people don’t like to get these comments.

On the other hand, if someone comments about crushing or liking the caption, then it would become a loving thing to read on the Instagram post.

Did you ever stand in a situation when you feel confused to choose a dreadful or cute caption? Do you call your friends to supplement your Instagram captions?

Now, the time has changed and you can leave all that struggle in finding a perfect caption for your posts. To learn about the best Instagram caption generators, stay tuned with the article.


How to add the caption to a post?

To add a caption to your Instagram photo or video, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the photo or video you want to upload from your phone’s library or take a photo or video.
  2. Add filters by clicking next (optional)
  3. After clicking next, tap on the area that says “Write a caption…”
  4. Enter your location if needed and tap OK.
  5. Select the Share option to post

If you have realized that you have made a mistake in your caption, or if you want to edit or delete a caption, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the particular post whose caption you want to add, delete or edit.
  2. Tap on option found above the photo or video.
  3. Select the “Edit” option
  4. Edit, add or delete a caption to your post, then tap on “Done”.

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Best Instagram caption Generators

If you need some premade ideas for captions, have a look at Instagram captions for birthday, Instagram captions for friends, or Instagram caption for selfies.

  • Caption application

With the caption app, you’ll get handy captions to copy and paste along with your post. This app has availed 4.6 rating, which makes it appear in the top-ranked Instagram caption generators.

caption application

You don’t need to spend any fees for downloading it. If you’re searching for an eye-catching range of captions either big or small, the caption is the best app. The caption search is possible with a keyword also. No disturbing pop-ups appear while using the app.

  • Caption Expert

It requires grueling efforts to choose the best caption which fits perfectly with the posted content. Though, Caption Expert has emerged as an effective app that assists with the eye-catching captions.

caption expert

Among the Instagram caption generators, it is the expert app that showcases ample captions whether you want romantic, happy, sad, funny, or other captions.

A special feature in this app allows users to search for captions using emojis. Among the IOS devices, it shows compatibility with 11.0 iOS or later versions.

  • Auto Captions

 If you’ve clicked a morning selfie or sunset picture, then you would love to post it on Instagram. Now, you would require a suitable caption to it.

auto captions

In this case, the AutoCaptions app works best for choosing the right words matching with your post. It is also compatible with the hashtags, unlike other applications. It attains a rating of 4.6 and 4.1 on iOS and Android respectively.

  • Capshun app

This application has attained astonishing reviews from users and managed to attain 4.9 and 4.8 ratings on iOS and Android respectively.

capshun app

Apart from the captions, you can search for puns, one-liners, and quotes. Just paste the caption directly on your post and share it on Instagram.

  • Image Quote

Among the caption generators for Instagram, it is also a popular app with 4.7 ratings on iOS. All your content can be customized and pasted directly using this app on Instagram.

image quote

It is designed with the user interface which is backed up by instant back-end assistance. A special feature “Customized background” allows a user to change the theme easily.

  • Rubric

Rubric is free to download on app store and is specifically good for those captions that need a touch of humour.

It allows users to choose from lyrics, trending keywords, and quotes that are related to the elements of your photo or video.


Many celebrities have admitted to using Rubric solely because of its contextual caption generation.

More importantly, many business accounts can use the app to get their followers involved in their posts.

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  • Instacap

This caption generator for Instagram is more apt for short and crisp captions. It does not give in-depth brainy quotes but the archive of the app is massive.

The app has a menu of categories on its home app and you can filter the categories in terms of “recent” and “popular”.

  • Insta Caption

This app is perfect for real quotes from famous entrepreneurs and authors. It is perfect for business accounts as the captions are divided into various categories but it provides captions which are not too goofy.

The library is well organized on InstaCaption. Even within the “Famous Quotes” category, there are a number of sub-categories.

So if you have a culinary business, you can search for food related quotes and find a good number of options.

  • Captions for Instagram

This is the simplest app in terms of captions. It is a straightforward tool with a stock of quotes organized in different categories like Cute, Songs, Funny, etc.

Why are Captions so important anyway?

Captions make a post on Instagram unique, they set the photo or video apart from the rest.

Captions may take time but having a meaningful caption for Instagram posts has the potential to uplift the popularity of any Instagram account-business or individual.

This feature becomes more important for businesses that want to keep their customers and potential buyers engaged and informed without seeming mundane and repetitive.

Instagram captions can help businesses use the right keywords or use the right hashtags so as to attract their target audience.

Captions can be a determining factor for your business account if you want to make your service or product popular or even create goodwill in the industry.

Customers are highly influenced by things they see and captions they read on a platform like Instagram.

Hence captions are crucial for businesses. The new Instagram algorithm favours posts that receive engagement in terms of likes, comments, shares as a response to high-quality content.

This is a stepping stone to getting your account featured on the explore page too.


The trick is to get people to comment on your post, so the caption needs to be persuasive enough.

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Tips for Writing good captions

A good Instagram caption is the one that gives some context, has some personalization and drives followers to take some actions.

Good captions can be long or short, short witty jokes or long stories. Some notable tips can be useful for coming up with captions for your Instagram photos or videos.

Firstly, you can draw your followers with a deal. You may promote your business by starting an incentive based call-to-action post like offering a free gift to the first ten people who comment and tag three friends.

Your business account can start a challenge for followers by offering a prize for reposting a picture of yours. Checkout tips and tricks for using the right hashtags on Instagram in this article.

Secondly, you should use wit and humour where you can. Most people browse Instagram in a laid back mood and serious captions may not make them stick to your posts.

Humour is a tool that is underutilized by businesses on Instagram. So your business can make the cut by simply putting up a smart caption.

However users need to be wary of not crossing the line with humour. Non controversial puns, lyrics or spins are good place to start.

Finally, give the right perspective. Followers are drawn to posts in which they identify something different in the captions than just a regular photo or video.

Using a caption can inform people what you are trying to convey through the picture or video that is being posted.

It is natural to run out of attention catching captions for Instagram, even the best of the account users witness this conundrum.

But with the help of the right tips and the right caption maker apps that suit your need, coming up with appropriate captions for your instagram posts has never been so easy.


Whether it is a simple family picture or complex post for your beloved ones, choosing a caption becomes a tough job. This tough job can be simplified using Instagram caption generators!

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