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5 Proven Methods To Use iMessages On A Windows Pc

Do you want to use the apple’s famous instant messaging service iMessages on your windows pc?

Well, say no more!

Apple has an instant messaging service which is known as iMessages and it is used for the purpose of sending and receiving message for free on iPhone and iPad devices. It can also let people who own apple watches, and Mac to make a conversation between each other.

While there are many instant messengers available in the market nowadays such as whatsapp or facebook but still the prestige of the iMessages by apple is on a next level. The main reason for the high popularity of this app is because of the amazing features that it has.

imessage on pc

This is why many windows users desire to get this amazing messaging application on their platform and hence they tend to find numerous methods for the same.

Now the main question that arises is that is it really possible to have this great messaging app for the windows operating system? Well, yes it is. However, there is nothing official from the apple’s developer community since they both are rivalries therefore; you are required to make use of an emulator. This will make the process of getting the iMessages on your PC a cakewalk.

With that said, this article will talk about the 5 methods that are required for achieving the purpose of using the iMessages on your windows supported computer or any other device.

But before that let us have a look at the required steps for getting the iMessgae for the official platform that is a MAC device.

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The Instructables for getting started with iMessages on Mac

Before we start with the discussion of using this on a windows computer let us have a look at the steps that are required for using it in its official platform that is a Mac device.

Moreover, this will also prove to be beneficial for you if you have never used a Mac before and are new to this platform and moreover, looking or methods to set up this amazing messaging app.

Here are the steps that are required to be followed by you:

  1. Firstly, start buy turning on your Mac device which can be done with the help of the power button that can be found on the Mac computer. Then you need to click on the messages app which you will be able to find on the application drawer that can be found on the dock. You can also find it with the help of the search command by using the command line interface. The shortcut key to get to the search panel is by pressing the command key with the space.
  2. Then the app will be opened and then you are required to sign in with the apple id that you might have created while using the Mac device. If you don’t have an id already then you are required to press on create new id button by which you will be able to make a new account in the Apple device as a form of the apple id. This id can be putted into various other purposes as well. You will be able to find this option below the signup button as well.
  3. Once you have signed in with your apple id, you are required to navigate to the messages which you will be able to find in the menu bar. There you are required to choose the button that says “preferences”. Then the last thing is to go to the iMessages tab. Then you will be entirely into the iMessages interface.
  4. Then the last step that you are required to follow is to choose an email id and a phone number that you own so that you can be capable of using it for the purpose of messaging the other people who also use iMessages just like you.

After you have successfully followed the steps that are mentioned above, you will be able to use the iMessages on your Mac device.

Now the main point comes that how you will be able to use the amazing messaging services by iOS device in your windows operable computer. There are several methods of achieving this and we will discuss all of them one by one. Let us begin with:

  1. By using the chrome remote desktop application

Google owns a project or software named as the Chrome remote desktop which is a very flexible application that allows the option to connect with a remote desktop. This can be surprisingly used for the purpose of using the iMessages on your windows PC.

iphone remote desktop

What you will be dong with this method is connect to a MAC device remotely to use the iMessages. However, the major drawback of this method is that you are required to own a MAC and a windows PC at the same time. Let us have a look at the steps required for the same:

  1. First of all, download the chrome browser and then install the Chrome remote desktop on both your MAC and windows PC. Install both the applications on both of the systems and then run them in both of the operating systems.
  2. You are then required to install the host installer of the chrome remote desktop on your MAC pc in order to share its screen with the windows PC. Note that you are required to do this only in the MAC computer only.
  3. Then you just need to connect the Mac as well as the windows computer altogether with the help of the host and the client application of the chrome remote desktop and then you are good to go. Then you can enjoy the seamless usage of the messaging application by the MAC in your windows computer with ease.

So that was one method of using the iMessenger on your Windows PC.

  1. With the help of the IOS emulator – ipadian

We all know the high end capabilities of emulators that can be used for stimulating a large number of platforms on the windows operating system. The most popular emulators are the ones that use their emulating services to run android applications on the windows operating system.

ios emulator

However, not many people know about the emulators that can help to run the IOS applications on the windows operable machine. Here are the required steps that you are required to follow for making the ios applications work in your windows machine:

  1. First of all you are required to download the ipadian emulator for your windows machine. Then you are required to install it on your windows machine and then open it.
  2. Then you are required to accept the terms and conditions that the application shows and then you need to launch the emulator with the help of the launch button located inside the app only.
  3. Then you will see a list of all the iOS application and from that list you are required to select the iMessages application from the list in order to launch it and then use it. First it will download the application before it is launched and that is why it is recommended that you need to have an internet connection with a stable speed.
  4. After the application has been downloaded it will be launched and then you are free to use it in your windows pc. Once again, you are required to log in with your iCloud id in order to be able to use it.

So that was also an amazing method for using the apple messenger in your windows pc. Let us now have a look at the third method for using this feature fledged application in your windows PC.

  1. By Jailbreaking your iPhone

This is yet another amazing way to use the iMessages on your pc. In this method, you are required to jailbreak your IOS device. If you are wondering why then you will be able to find the answer for this later in this post.

ios jailbreak - iMessage on PC

The reason you need to jailbreak your iphone is because this will allow you to get rid of all the restrictions which are imposed by the apple corporation.

This will in turn, enhance the capabilities of your IOS device and will make it even more functional as well as effective.

Moreover, you are required to keep a backup of your phone with you in case of any data loss. Here is a step by step procedure to do whatever is mentioned above:

  1. First off, start with the process of Jailbreaking your IOS device for which there is an amazing application which is known as cydia. The cydia is an amazing directory of the applications that are compatible with the iPhone that is jailbroken. This application is available for both the iPhone and iPads devices.
  2. Then you are required to search for an application named gets remote messages which can be found in the cydia app store. This is a paid app that will cost you around 4$ but the investment is surely worth the feature that it provides. This application will help you to set up a web interface for the iMessages. It further provides a number of applications as well as extensions that will be highly useful for your jailbroken iPhone.
  3. Then the next step is to connect the application to the web interface with the help of the IP address of your mobile. This can be found with the help of a USSD code 333.
  4. Then you will be able to login to your iMessages on a windows PC with the help of only a web browser.

So that was a method that includes a little bit risk but is a long term as well as effective method of using the iMessages on a windows computer.

Let us now have a look at the method that does not include any risk at all and is assured to be working. This method does not focus on getting an app for the windows operating system of the iMessages app.

Rather, this application works on the basis of getting the history of the messages of the iMessenger son that you can be able to read it on your windows pc which is technically you using the application on a windows operating system.

The application that we recommend for this purpose is the free iPhone data recovery tool. With the help of that application you will be able to get all the messages from the iMessenger in a readable format. The application is compatible with all the versions of the IOS devices.

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Let us look at the steps that are required to replicate this method

  1. The very first step is to download the iPhone recovery tool on the windows operable machine and once downloaded, you are required to launch it to be able to proceed with the next steps.
  2. Then you are required to select the message that you are required to read and you can also select the attachments as well. There are various data types that you can select from and all those are mentioned in the software.
  3. Then just connect your phone with the PC by making use of a USB cable and then let the program do the job of scanning all the selected messages as well as their attachments.
  4. Once the scanning part is done, the application will provide you all the messages including the deleted ones as well. The application also provides the option of previewing them and you can check all of the conversations as per your choice.
  5. The application also provides the option of exporting the data in several data types such as the csv or html format.


So these were some of the best methods that can help you to use the iMessages application on your windows operable machine. They are assured to be working and therefore, it is highly suggested to you to try them. That’s all we have for today.

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