How to Watch Instagram Live

How to Watch Instagram Live?

When Instagram launched the stories feature, it was a major hit and helped the photo-sharing app get more than 100 million active users on a daily basis.

But then all the popular social platforms like Facebook and YouTube started the live video trend and Instagram too had to follow the suit.

The live videos feature was launched by Instagram in December 2016 and it helped the platform further cement its position as one of the most popular social networking apps.

From individual users to brands, a large number of people now use the live videos feature on Instagram.

Apart from all the fun and filters, the live video also serves as an important marketing tool for brands on Instagram.

As per Tubular Insights research, people spend almost 8X more time watching live videos as compared to VOD or video-on-demand.

Moreover, as per a LiveStream survey, 80% of the respondents agreed that they’d prefer watching live content from a brand over reading a blog.

Also, 82% of the respondents preferred watching live videos over posts on social media.

These stats clearly confirm the importance of the live videos feature on Instagram and how brands can use them to their advantage.

But if you are new to Instagram live videos, things might appear a little confusing.


If you have a business page on the platform and want to use live videos to get more Instagram followers, likes and comments, read this post to know some very important details about Instagram live.

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What is Instagram Live?

Just like live videos on Facebook and YouTube, Instagram Live allows you to create live videos.

But rather than being a simple video, it can be used by brands in a number of ways to get more Instagram comments, followers, and likes.

For instance, users get to interact and send questions to the hosts through comments. Moreover, other users can also be invited to the live stream and even face filters can be used.

Overall, brands can be creative with the live videos feature to stay unique and keep attracting newer audience.

Once the live stream is over, hosts get to share the video on their Instagram Stories from where people can watch the video for up to 24 hours before it goes away.

How to Watch and Re-Watch Instagram Live Videos?

Instagram Live videos can only be seen on the Instagram mobile app and not the desktop website directly.

Currently, the only way to watch the video is when it is being broadcasted by the host.

If you follow someone and that user is streaming a live video on Instagram, their display picture will be available above your Instagram feed.

It’ll also have a colorful ring around it and the word “Live” written below it.

Simply tap their profile picture when they are live and you can join their live stream.

If the host decides to share it in their Instagram Stories, one can catch the video within 24 hours after it has been posted.

If the video is not posted in the Story, there is no way to watch the video after the live stream is over.

Also, if you are the host, you can send the live stream to your friends and followers through Direct.

For this, tap the Direct icon from the bottom of the screen while streaming and the video will be sent to the selected recipient.

However, they can only watch the video if they are online during the live stream.

Once you end the stream, they’ll only receive a message that the broadcast is over.


How to Watch Instagram Live Video of People You Don’t Follow?

Apart from live videos from people you follow, you can also watch live videos of users whom you don’t follow.

However, their profile should not be set to private.

Simply search for their username on Instagram and go to their page.

If they are streaming, you can see the word “Live” written under their display picture.

Tap their picture and you can join their live stream.

Once you’re watching the live video, you can also like the video and comment on the video which can be seen by others watching the live stream.

How to Watch Instagram Live Videos on Computer?

While there is no direct way to watch the Instagram Live videos on the web, there is a Google Chrome Plugin which you can use.

If the host has added the live video to their Instagram Story, search for Chrome IG Story on the Chrome Web Store.

Just download this free Chrome extension and activate it before logging into your Instagram account from a desktop computer.

You’ll now be able to see the live videos in the Stories just like you see them in the Instagram mobile app.


Instagram is currently one of the most user-friendly social platforms.

New features are added on a regular basis to help brands get more followers and improve their reach.

If you’re currently working on your Instagram marketing strategy, make live videos a part of it and you are sure to generate excellent results.

Remember that people love watching live videos over social media posts and on-demand videos and when used correctly, this Instagram feature can help you take your brand to the next level.

You can also check how other successful brands are using the feature and take inspiration from them.

But rather than simply copying their strategy, make sure that you use your creativity and offer something unique and interesting to your audience to get the best results.

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