How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram  From PC / Android / IOS

Is someone harassing you with spammy comments? Or you don’t want to share your personal posts and images with a particular Instagram user?

The best option to get rid of these annoying users is to block them from your Instagram account.

But what if you have blocked your boss or BFF in a fit of rage and now want to unblock them after realizing the mistake? Fret not! Read further to learn the step-by-step guide on how to unblock someone on Instagram.

Unblocking people on Android and ios Instagram app

It takes less than a minute to unblock someone using the Instagram mobile app.

If you remember the profile name of the person whom you want to unblock, then just type it in the search bar.

In case if you have forgotten his or her profile name, don’t worry, the Instagram mobile app allows you to access the list of all blocker users with just a few taps.

  1. On your Instagram profile, tap the menu button in the top-right corner (three lines)
  2. Go to ‘Settings’
  3. Under ‘Privacy and Security,’ select ‘Blocked Accounts’
  4. Click on the account you wish to unblock and select ‘Unblock’



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Navigate the Blocked user’s Profile

Open your Instagram app and click the profile icon at the bottom right of your mobile screen to access the ‘Option’ menu.

Once you have landed on your Instagram profile page, tap the menu icon (three vertical dots) located at the upper right corner of the app screen to access the ‘Option’ menu.

Simply scroll down to find ‘Blocked users’ under ‘Account’ section.

Find and Tap Unblock

Find the profile of the person you want to unblock from the ‘Blocked user’ list.

Now, tap the profile you want to unblock and click the menu icon (three vertical dots) located at the top right corner of the screen. Select ‘Unblock’ and start following that person again.

Having a Windows phone and wondering how to unblock someone on Instagram using the mobile app? Fret not friend-just follows the same process.

Irrespective of the device you are using, Android, iOS or windows phone, you need to follow similar steps to unblock someone on Instagram app.

Unblocking people on Instagram with Computer

If in case you are unable to access your phone and urgently need to unblock someone, do not worry my dear friend, you can handle your Instagram account from your desktop also.

Though the web portal of Instagram is not as elaborate and modified as its user-friendly mobile app, still you can manage your account from a desktop.

Open Instagram: First, type the Instagram website URL in your browser and log in to your account. If you are already logged into Instagram on your PC, the URL will directly take you at the homepage of Instagram.

Search the Profile: With the Instagram website, you cannot simply scroll through the list of blocked users to find the profile of that person you want to unblock. You have to type the profile name of the person you intend to unblock into the search bar at the top of the page.

Click Unblock: Once you pull up the profile,  you will see the blue ‘Unblock’ button. Click on that.

If you remember the blocked person’s profile name, you can simply visit his profile and tap ‘Follow’ to unblock him.

Start Following to see each other Posts

You can block as many as people you want because Instagram does not block or penalise your account for doing so.

When you block someone on Instagram neither you nor the user who you blocked can see each other’s profiles, posts and photos.

By blocking the user, you have not only removed him from your ‘Follower’ list but also compelled him to unfollow you as well.

If you want to see their posts back again on your news feed, just click the blue ‘Follow’ button on their profiles.

Likewise, your friend whom you have unblocked need to Follow you back to have the access to your posts, images etc.

 What Happens If You Unblock Someone On Instagram?

Instagram does not send any notification message to the person you have unblocked.

However, when you start to ‘Follow’ the person, Instagram will send a notification to him informing about his new Follower. Let’s see what exactly happens when you unblock a blocked user on Instagram.

  • All the likes, comments and notifications will be reinstated.
  • Both of you will be able to send private messages through Instagram Direct.
  • If both of you have followed each other, you people can comment, likes on each other profiles again.
  • Depending on the privacy settings, both of you can view each other Instagram stories

With this step-by-step guide by your side, there is nothing to worry about even if you have blocked someone in haste on Instagram and want to unblock him as soon as possible.

If you still face any difficulty in unblocking someone, you can always report it to Instagram Support.

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