How to go live on Instagram

 A Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Go Live on Instagram

Feed, stories, highlights, IGTV, live video – Instagram, has certainly plenty of tricks in the bag to help you grow your list of followers.

If you’re looking to go live on Insta, but aren’t sure how to start, worry not, this post is all for you. Here, you can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to start a live Insta video to engage with your audience and get those coveted Instagram views, likes, and comments rolling in.

Live Videos – The Hottest Instagram Trend, Right Now

There’s no denying the fact that live videos are extremely popular. According to a survey by New York Magazine and Livestream, it was found that a whopping 80% people prefer watching a live video than reading blog posts from a brand, and a massive 87% prefer live videos because it gives them a glimpse of behind the scene action.

Instagram introduced the live feature way back in 2016. Instagram live videos are sort of a mash-up of the best of Snapchat and Periscope. You can use this feature to connect with your Instagram followers in real-time.

Before you start, make sure that your Instagram app is updated to the latest version, so that you can use all the features without any hassles.

Now, that you’re all ready, let’s begin.

How to Start an Insta Live Video?

Starting a live video is similar to starting a “Stories” feature. Click on the  camera icon on the top left corner of the app, or swipe right from anywhere within the app. This pulls up the “Stories” camera tab.

You can see several options at the bottom of the screen like – type, live, normal, boomerang, superzoom, focus, rewind, and hands-free. Tap on the “live” option to switch to the live-stream mode.

How will your Followers Know that You’re Streaming Live?

When a person is streaming a live video, you can see a small “Live” badge highlighted below their profile picture on the “Stories” tab. Anyone can start watching your live video, by clicking on the bubble.


Additionally, Instagram also sends notifications to a few of your followers stating that you are live.

Getting your Video Configurations Right before Going Live

Once you click on the Instagram live option on your Stories camera tab, you can see your face on the screen. Don’t panic – you aren’t live yet!

Here are a few camera options that help you choose the right lighting and other settings for your live video:


  • Front to back camera toggle switch – Tap the two arrows icon to toggle between your front and rear cameras.
  • Settings – Tap the gear icon on the top right of the screen to adjust the settings such as – hide story from specific people, choose the people who can reply to your video via direct messages, whether you would like to allow sharing of the video, whether you want to share the story on Facebook and so on. Remember that all the settings you use for your Story will also apply to your live video. If you want to change any settings, before you go live, then this is the place to do it.
  • Filters Options – You can choose from a wide variety of filters to add to your live stream.

Once you’re ready, tap on the “Start Live Video” button at the bottom of the screen. Instagram checks your connection and rolls the live video, once the wifi/data is strong.


Congrats – you’re live, and your video will appear on the stories tab of your followers, with a “Live” badge below your bubble.


How do you Know who’s Watching your Live Stream?

Once people start tuning into your live stream, you get the following notifications:

  • Viewer Count – You can find this on the top right corner of the screen. It denotes the number of people who are currently following your live stream.
  • Comments – Your viewers can comment on your videos in real-time, and these comments scroll at the bottom of the screen.
  • Likes – When viewing a live video, viewers can instantly like it using the heart button at the bottom right corner of the screen. As viewers click on it, a heart animation plays on your video in real time.

Remember that the comments and likes can be seen not just by you, but all viewers watching your video.

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How to Engage with Your Audience via Live Video?

Apart from directly speaking to your Instagram followers, you can also post comments on your video. Additionally, you can pin a comment to your screen. When you pin a comment, it stays there on your screen for all to see. This is a great option if you’re promoting a product, discussing a particular topic and so on.


To pin a comment, first, you have to type in your comment in the “comments field” at the bottom and post it. Once done, tap your comment, you get a pop-up menu on the screen with the option “Pin comment.”


If you don’t want any of your followers to comment on your video, then you can turn off commenting. To do so click on the three vertical dots in the comments field, and tap “Turn off commenting.” Additionally, this is where you turn off requests from your audience to go live with you.


Click End when Done

Instagram lets you live broadcast up to an hour. When you’ve finished saying your goodbyes to your viewers, tap on the “End” button on the top right corner of the screen. Once done, you have two options.


Tap “Save” to add the video to your camera roll, or Share it on your Insta stories. Once shared on stories, your video remains there for the next 24 hours.

A Few Other Points to Keep in Mind, before you start Live Broadcasting on Insta

  • If your profile is set to “public,” any Insta user can watch your video, and not just your followers.
  • Instagram highlights popular live videos on the Explorer tab.
  • The data consumed depends on the duration of your live video.
  • Once the live video is ended, your followers cannot watch it, unless you replay it (share it) on your Insta story.


Go Ahead Showcase your Brand, Live!

As you can see, using the live video on Instagram is pretty straightforward. What more – the live video is a great way to connect and engage with your audience, and keep them interested in your posts. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start streaming live.

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