How to Delete an Instagram Account [Permanently]

People, who have been using social media apps for a while, would have probably been using this amazing platform termed ‘Instagram’.

However, it’s not just a social interaction platform, but is a fully fledged package, that lets the users have an insightful take in the lives of who they love, care and think about. You can follow up on numerous people and their everyday activity through this platform.

It gives you the freedom to explore various accounts being made over instagram, check their feed, get inspired from the best, and bring out refreshing content of your own in the form of images and videos which will be preferred and watched all over the masses.

Today, it is not just a way of posting and sharing content, but has become a fine platform where individuals can give shape to their careers by building professional portfolios and promoting their accounts.

Instagram is widely used by people for

  • Posting videos and pictures, which you wish to, keep on your profile grid.
  • Edit them with creative tools and numerous filters, and combine numerous clips to a single video.
  • Share multiple clips and photos on your story, literally as many as you wish.
  • Bring your stories to life, with text, drawing tools and creative emoticons.
  • As the stories disappear after 24 hours, they won’t stay visible on your profile grid.
  • Get live and share your current activities, highlights or experiences with your friends and followers.
  • DM (direct message) your friends, share disappearing videos and pictures to them, share texts, posts of your feeds to the groups and even personally with amazing Instagram direct.
  • Witness the stories and live videos of the people whom you are following over the top bar of your feed.
  • Discover the something new every time, like and follow new accounts as per your interests and latest hash tags.

These were just the few amazing things which you get to explore through instagram, however, when you get through the app, it is a complete ocean filled with amazing things that you might need to explore.


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If the app is so incredible, then why do people wish to permanently delete their accounts?

There are times when you just get through various such apps and create your account either to pace up with the trend, or in peer pressure.

However, when you start using the application, you might figure out various things that are neither related nor relevant for you, and not even matches with any of your interests.

In fact, there, might be possibilities that you start feeling irritated with some of the contents being posted over Instagram.

You may even wish to report them, unseen them and stay away from such content as per its immoral according to your psyche.

There might be chances when someone starts threatening you, posted something wrong which is likely to arouse anger, which might be harassing you and thus, you wish to leave the whole platform and wish to have a safer life.

The list of problems and issues goes on and on! There are just the few problems that the users experience and thus, they wish to delete their account completely from instagram.

In all such cases although, you might need to stay calm and think twice.

There is not just one way of dealing with such problems.

If something is bothering you, you must take stand for it and first post a report. Unless this doesn’t suits your need, then only choose to delete the account permanently.

How to permanently delete an instagram account?

Before you go through the complete steps of deleting your account, you must go through an essential note.

Once you get your account taken off or deleted permanently, then all your data will be lost.

All the followers, your pictures, videos and the whole account data will be deleted.

You can never get back the same information using the particular username and password, so, always stay alert before doing so, and try the temporary deletion, or deactivation options if possible.

However, if you still consider that the app has literally bothered you so much, that you no more need it again in your life, then you can take up the below given steps and get your account deleted permanently and safely.



  • Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone and log in your account. If you have already logged in, this will take you to the home page of instagram.
  • Now select the profile icon. It is on the bottom right corner of the screen. Choosing this will take you to your profile page where necessary changes will be made.
  • Now select the gear icon, also known as the ellipsis (…) which is situated on the top right corner of the page. The Instagram’s setting page will then open up.
  • Now scroll down and tap on the ‘instagram help centre’ option. It sits near the bottom of the page and under the support heading.
  • Tap on the ‘managing your account’ option. It is the top second option which will be visible directly.
  • Again select the second option saying ‘delete your account’.
  • Tap on the arrow pointing downwards, near the ‘how do I delete my account option?’ doing this, will expand the whole page containing more information.


  • Now, tap on the ‘delete you account page’ which is highlighted in blue. This is available in section 1 of the steps, which help you to permanently delete your account.
  • Now, log into your insta account again. Put your username, password and then tap the log in option.
  • Now, from the various reasons available, choose the one which compelled you to delete the account permanently. You can do this by selecting the drop down menu which will have a list of reasons.
  • If you don’t want any of these reasons to be stated, then you can put up your own reason by selecting ‘something else’.
  • Now, re-enter your password, put it one more time in the text field. Tap on the ‘permanently delete my account’ option and then click the ‘OK’ option to confirm on the prompt window.

Thus, your account will be successfully and permanently deleted this way.

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