How to add Music to Instagram Videos

How to Easily Add Music to Instagram Videos

With a bunch of editing features, snipping tools and filters, Instagram offers an array of customization options within videos and pictures to ensure that your post is as creative as you want it to be.

However, when it comes to adding music to Instagram videos, this leading social media platform doesn’t have any streamlined way or inbuilt editing tools that allow you to do this job. But, that does not mean it is not doable.

Whether you want to add music to Instagram video or an Instagram story, all you need to do is follow the simple tips and tricks below.


Using another device to play the music

Putting background music into your Instagram video is a bit of a hassle.

One of the easiest ways to put music to your Instagram video is to have another source playing the music in the background while you are recording the video on your smartphone.

Using editing tools on a computer:

Since Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload videos longer than 60 seconds, you probably have to trim your content to fit in this criteria.

If you know how to cut music, you can make any track match the length of your video.

Using a video editor on your PC you cannot only add music your videos but also you can edit your video to make it more engaging.

You just need to import your Instagram videos onto your desktop, adjust the length of the track, add sound effects, filters, transfer them back to your phone, and then share it on your Instagram profile.


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Make use of third-party apps to add music:

Since adding music to your videos is one of the best ways to make your Instagram posts more engaging, let us have a look at some of the easy to use apps that help you to add your favourite music tracks to the videos you share to Instagram.


Providing you with a huge royalty-free music library with millions of songs to choose from, Flipagram is an app used to record videos and edit them.

Once you create an accountant on Flipagram, you can either choose a song before start recording of the video or add it later using its amazing video editing features.

After adding music to your video and editing it, you can upload the video to Instagram directly from the app.


With Lomotif adding music to your videos takes seconds.

You just need to select the video and the music you want to add from your phone’s gallery and voila!

After adding music, you can upload your video to Instagram, Facebook or any other social networking platforms.

Apart from letting you add music to videos, it also enables you to crop, edit, use filters, text and emojis.


This is a super audio editing tool that not only allows you to select any music file from your device to add into your videos but it also lets you access to a library of high-quality sound effects.

Available for both iPhone and Android users, VidLab app is free to download.


Compatible for both iPhone and Android devices, this app not only allows users to add songs from their phone library to the videos they edit but also lets them use its in-built massive library of sound effects to their Instagram videos.

Featuring many video editing tools, this app enables you to do anything you want with your videos.

InShot Video Editor:

Providing you with a great selection of inbuilt audio clips for your videos, this app also enables you to add your own music clips and sound effects.

From trimming the length of the videos, editing to using filters you can do an array of things with this app.

How to add personal music to Instagram Stories on iPhone

As you can convert any video to Instagram stories, you must be looking for ways to use your favourite music tracks on Instagram stories.

While the recent update of Instagram lets the iPhone users add music into your Instagram Story, the music feature is now available on iOS in select countries.

Instagram has confirmed that the music feature will roll out to more countries with Android devices getting the option soon.

  1. Launch the Music app of your choice on your iPhone and select the song you want to add to your story. Then, tap on the song.
  2. Using the time bar choose the section of the track you want to use and then press Pause.
  3. Open the Instagram app on your phone and click the camera icon at the top left of your screen.
  4. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control centre
  5. Now swipe left to bring up Music preferences and tap Play.
  6. Close Control Centre. Then, press and hold the Shutter button to start your recording inside the Instagram app.
  7. Now tap the + (plus) icon to upload an Instagram story.

Adding the right music to your Instagram videos not only makes your content worth watching but it helps in getting more Instagram views to your post. Follow the tutorial and share Instagram videos with your favourite music track accompanying it.

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