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90+ List of Best Harley Quinn Captions and Quotes

Bruce Timm and Paul Dini have given a popular female villain character to the world of comics that is Harley Quinn who was first seen in Batman.

Who is Harley Quinn? This suicide Squad member has a past as a supervillain popularly appeared in the Batman series. Earlier she was in the team of poison Ivy and Catwoman.

Arleen Sorking gave voice to this popular female villain. Tara Strong and Hynden Walch have also given her voice in various video games. She came to life when Margot Robbie brought this character in a feature film Suicide Squad.

Since the beginning, Harley Quinn is a star topic of sexism and her character is always over-sexualized.

harley quinn quotes and captions

Despite being a topic of conversation, her fans have always searched for the Harley Quinn quotes. Her love for joker has gained the attention of the fans since she has always stayed to the Joker’s side.

What fascinates their fans is her appearance. She wears a motley outfit of black and red color with a cowl along with a domino mask of black color.

However, her appearance has changed multiple times every year. In DC Rebirth, she was seen with blonde hair, blue eyes, and in a new outfit of red and black shorts, fingerless gloves, satin jacket, ripped tee-shirt, fishnet stockings and more.

She is one of the few popular female comic characters who have got life in the film series and TV apart from comic life. Let us check out some of the famous quotes of Harley Quinn.

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Harley Quinn quotes

  1. Does my gun scare you? No, it’s my heart that does
  2. I wanna see a fire in your eyes but I will do it by burning the world first
  3. The best ones are crazy
  4. I don’t need a savior but a guy who appreciates me for what I am
  5. They say I go crazy sometimes, in fact, I become normal sometimes
  6. A broken soul loves harder because darkness makes you love light
  7. Don’t dare to play a game behind me because I play it better than you
  8. They say I’m mad yes because I love him so much
  9. Go crazy if you want to be sane
  10. Jealous! Because I have a loyal puddin and you don’t have someone like him
  11. I think superman has only one outfit that’s why he wears it every day, LOL
  12. Puddin, here’s a pie for you
  13. VROOM VROOM! Take me with you my Puddin
  14. Oh shit, I am sorry for making a mess on your cape
  15. Dare to make a little mistake and they will remember it for life
  16. I don’t care about the image that’s fake people’s shit
  17. Don’t question my craziness, just be its part
  18. You say I am crazy, so what
  19. Holy water or hellfire, it depends on the way you treat me
  20. I am a lot crazier than Puddin
  21. Society is to be blamed if I cannot follow the rules
  22. Which side you wanna see mine, wild or innocent
  23. Wanna know how strong my love is, it’s stronger than your house walls
  24. My attitude is not my problem; it’s your problem if you have a problem with mine
  25. I cannot get cracks because diamond don’t get it
  26. I do bad things very well
  27. I don’t go with the flow, that’s the job of dead fish
  28. My emotions cannot make me a slave
  29. Apart from these quotes from Harley quin, we have some more quotes and her love.
  30. Guys see the beauty in girls, he saw darkness in me and I saw beauty in him
  31. I can do things for him but not for anyone else
  32. He may be rough but he truly loves me
  33. I love to dance but only with my devil, Puddin
  34. They don’t have to know about you so stay low key
  35. Don’t get scared from my smile but my silence
  36. Craziness helps me love him more, so I’m okay if you say I’m crazy
  37. I am his angel and he is my demon
  38. I love my imperfect Puddin
  39. I’m crazy psychos for Puddin
  40. Wanna love forever and then love a crazy guy like you
  41. He may be bad for the world but he is good for me
  42. He is mad because he loves me and I’m crazy in his love
  43. My madness begins and ends with you Puddin
  44. Once upon a time, I loved you madly; it’s over now Mistah J
  45. My Puddin is sweeter than pudding, but sorry you can’t taste him
  46. I’m crazy; insanely, madly mad in your love
  47. Wanna see how I crazy I’m then a right buy for me
  48. When I care for you I will go mad but when I don’t, I won’t get mad at you
  49. I love you for making your demons dancing with me instead of making them quiet
  50. Did I make them crazy or attract them? I’m not sure about either one
  51. I don’t waste my time in like those who don’t like me
  52. I did everything to prove my love, so it’s time to accept my love
  53. Lots more amazing Joker and Harley Quinn quotes are here that you can get print on your t-shirts.
  54. I helped you with everything you said
  55. Cut me ear to ear if you really wanna make me smile dear
  56. Some creep guy thinks they are as good as joker so they dressed up like him
  57. You may be as scary as him but you cannot smile like him
  58. You may have a look but you can’t be my pudding because he is a hero
  59. I may kiss you or kill you
  60. Let me in the pudding! I won’t hurt you that’s a promise
  61. Ha Ha Ha, you may see my smile but dude, I’m missing him
  62. We’re done and I got someone better than you
  63. Boys, I’ll make sure that you get the right entertainment
  64. Ladies and gentleman, I know a super cool for entertaining you, cheers we are going to rob you
  65. Girls, let make a team again and make all the guys out there crazy once gain like our old days
  66. My favorite dress up for office is my smile because my boss wants me to wear it at work
  67. I got a Ph.D. so Sorry if I know nothing about genius
  68. Not afraid of anything then you have nothing to love
  69. A joke needs no explanation and if it does then it’s not a joke
  70. I would rather be insane than being crazy
  71. Every crime has a punch line because batman is there
  72. Don’t do it for free if you can do it well than others
  73. To kill me you have to be like me but I can’t do it by keeping up the only human being with me, it’s ironic
  74. Guns are no precise so I prefer a knife
  75. I like the taste of gasoline, gunpowder, and dynamite
  76. What makes you stronger? It is the thing that doesn’t kill you
  77. We do bad things because we are bad guys
  78. I am not your pudding, Harley
  79. I wanna make a masterpiece, so Harley, just shoot batman
  80. Desire let you surrender and it gives you power
  81. I won’t kill you I will simply hurt you badly
  82. No batman, No Joker and there will never be my Puddin, so thanks go to Batman
  83. You made the funeral a fun
  84. Disturbing psyche, alarming dementia, and irresistible charm of a joker made me fallen in love
  85. Love my perfume; wanna know how it smells, like a stench of death
  86. I work for chaos
  87. Sometimes the unreal voices in my head give me awesome ideas
  88. Your sweet talks gonna hurt me
  89. Is there any sanity clause? No
  90. Instead of following your footsteps I will keep beating you, so don’t teach me
  91. I would rather prefer my past as a multiple-choice then the only option
  92. Only one bad day is enough to turn you a man of lunacy from the sanest man alive

Injustice 2 Harley Quinn

We have some more quotes from the injustice 2, so have a look.

If I am laughing instead of crying you better run, it’s an alert I am going to lose my shit

Whatever you say it will not hurt me instead make a hole of six-inch diameter in your heart because I am a rubber

Wait I am loading

Don’t chit-chat because it will hurt you

I am not a doll with pink and light color hair and don’t arrange the way you want, because you cannot. I am as dangerous as hell. Wanna see how dark I am? I can show you.

Yes, I indeed enjoyed it but I want to settle down with you like any other gal would love to do it with her sweetheart.

Get ready to get killed for things you did to me, those useless feelings and unforgettable moments of pain. I am not going to forget and forgive you for that. I will kill you.

Love Harley Quinn, and then I am sure you loved these bold Harley Quinn and joker quotes. These famous saying from their series have won the hearts of fans.

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