Halloween Captions for Instagram

Halloween is definitely the best time of the year and not just because of the candy, it’s because you can wear your favorite outfit and not worry about looking your worse.

You can browse through last-minute makeup ideas or even get an extra bag of candy because they’re on sale.


But one thing most people can’t figure out is what should your captions be for your Halloween pictures? Should they be scary quotes or just some cute lines? Instead of spending hours and hours thinking about Halloween captions which are the right amount of spooky and sassy, simply sit back and relax.

Whether you’re looking for funny ones or captions with puns, we’ve got them all. Take a deep breath, sit back and keep reading and you’ll definitely find the perfect caption for yourself.

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Halloween Captions with Puns

  • Who stole my candy?
  • Diving my witch face in a bag of candy.
  • I’m only here for the candy. Bring it to me!
    I just had some pasta and boy, was it creepy.
  • This is not the only time of the year when I enjoy being a witch.
  • I swear I saw a ghost in my room and I scared it away.
  • I definitely look Boo-tiful.
  • Flaunting my fangs since (Birth Year)
  • It’s hard not to pretend that you’re a vampire and scare the kids to eat all the candy.
  • What a wonderful candy rush.
  • I love pretending that I’m a witch, it keeps the kids away even after Halloween.
  • I had the most boo-tiful Halloween.
  • Guess who had a fang-nomenal time? Yes, it was me,
  • I’m not scared of boo-ing the kids away.
  • A glass of wine and a bowl full of candy, need I say more?
  • I hope you’re not going to wear the outfit you wore last year.
  • Happy halo-ween!


Halloween Captions for Friends

  • We are just my very own version of #squadghosts
  • Who says boys should have all the fun? Ghosts deserve it more.
  • We are just a group of dumb ghouls.
  • Happy, independent, confused yet completely fangtastic.
  • Are you sure you haven’t met my zombaes?
  • We are just a sassy bunch of boos.
  • Carving the pumpkin together. #squadghosts
  • If putting a spell on your drink will make you mine, let me do it now!
  • Hey Pumpkin. Happy Halloween!
  • I don’t wake up early, the night is my calling.
  • G-owls like us stay way past our bedtime.
  • I think I find the demon in my room kind-of cute.
  • I just put a spell on you. Poof! You’re mine.
  • Halloween is all about eating candy.
  • My friends are monsters, quite literally.
  • I’m not afraid of ghouls, I’m more scared of my friends without makeup.
  • It’s Halloween. Are you sure you don’t want me to.. Eat you?
  • Drinking some blood… or is it red wine? Guess I don’t know!
  • It’s getting darker outside; The perfect time to lurk in the dark.
  • I love how easy it is to creep things real on Halloween.

Long Instagram Captions for Halloween

  • I love dressing up on Halloween. There’s this really spooky yet funky vibe in the air and you never know if there’s an actual ghost running around.
  • All I really wanted was a tub of popcorn, some red wine, and a spooky movie but here I am, dressed up as a monster.
  • Hocus Pocus! Get me some wine.
  • Was that a ghost I saw or was it my own reflection?halloween-day-captions-for-instagram
  • Shut up before I toss you in my bubbling witch potion.
  • Happiness and laughter make me sick to my stomach. Get me a dose of screams to balance it out!
  • It’s not just Halloween. It’s the time when everyone can dress up as ghosts and not feel scared. I especially love tossing candies in my mouth.
  • There’s a difference between dressing up for a date and dressing up for Halloween. Do you look your best for your date, but for Halloween? Let’s not go there.
  • I swear a Black cat screamed and ran away after looking at me. That’s how scary I look.
  • Halloween is my day – Carving pumpkins, acting like you’re dead and running after kids looking like a monster. Is there anything better than this day.
  • Halloween is definitely not like any other days. There is just so much excitement and cheer around that you can’t help but dive into the Halloween fever.
  • Halloween is my excuse to act like my real monster self and never allow others to find out.
  • I don’t know what’s harder – not eating all the Halloween candy in one go or choosing an outfit which is scarier than everyone else’s.
  • The best part about Halloween is not just the candy, it’s the fact that you can scare your loved ones with ease!
  • Come over and we’ll watch the scariest movies all night. Isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Getting scared to death!
  • I’m going to Instagram my outfit just in case you want to try to recreate it next year. You know, like you always do.
  • I promised myself that I wouldn’t eat all the candy, but the zombie in my room told me otherwise.
  • Ah, you spent weeks on that outfit or spent weeks trying to make it look worse?
  • I’m having a party at my place, but the only person I invited was the monster who lived in the attic. We’re kind of best friends now.
  • I swear we’re no longer friends if we show up on Halloween in different costumes. Ghouls like us stick together.
  • Let’s face it, I’m just a little too pretty to look like a basic witch on Halloween. I need to go all out.
  • The perfect pictures are those which define the relationship of you and the ghouls in your squad.
  • I can go a long way to look like a vampire. I swear I bit my boyfriend yesterday.
  • If you didn’t scare your neighbors by making ghost sounds, seriously, what did you do on Halloween?
  • I don’t know what scares me the most, the image of me wearing my witch outfit or the fact that I never clicked it.

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