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15 Funny Instagram Posts for When you’re Having a Really Bad Day

Work can indeed be so hectic at times. Here picture this scenario – it’s Thursday afternoon, and you haven’t slept much for the last three days. You’re pretty much running on coffee, and it looks like the weekend will never, ever materialize.

Your boss has pinged you thrice, and you’ve got at least a dozen “urgent” requests waiting to be handled in your inbox. And, you’ve no idea how to get it all done.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Take your phone from your pocket and scroll through your Instagram feed.

Yes, you read that right. Instagram is one of the lighter social media platforms out there. Thankfully, there are tons of people on Insta cracking the best of jokes at all times.

According to, to escape the daily grind and decrease your cortisol levels, you need to take small breaks, during the work day. Unlike mobile phones that can run all the way until the battery gets depleted, humans need to recharge frequently to be at their best.

Taking short timeouts not only makes you feel energized but also boosts creativity. Ok, now that you’re aware of the benefits of short breaks, the best way to recharge yourself during these breaks is to do some mindless scrolling on Instagram and checking out your favorite popular Instagrammers. And, better still, if your feed is populated by funny posts.

Here, in today’s post, we’ve got a few of the best funny Instagram posts of 2018 lined up for you. Add these users to your follow list, and you’ve guaranteed yourself some great LOLs anytime.

  1. @BaddieWinkle

This granny is a hoot. Sarcastic, trendy and above all hilarious, she gives serious #oldagegoals for a whole generation out there. You can find her in stylish outfits, outrageous poses, and above all, just having a whale of time every day.


  1. @Celeste Barber

This celebrity comedian, writer, and actor recreates fashion photo shoots in her own hilarious way and with witty captions accompanying it. If you’re having a bad week stressing over all trivial things, then a quick drop into her Insta page with millions of followers is sure to pep you up.



  1. @Girl with no Job

Whoever it is, they are sure doing a great job. With a wide array of memes, sarcastic quotes, and funny photos, you’re sure to LOL.


  1. @kcstauffeur

While Mila Stauffeur may not even have started preschool yet, she has more than 3 million followers on Instagram. In fact, fans have even gathered outside her residence’s gates in Beverly Hills in a hope to meet this sassy three-year-old. Any video of this toddler crosses thousands of views within a few minutes of posting.


Meet the Stauffeur family, Instagram’s most influential family. The videos of Mila are totally insane. She has sarcastic comments on anything from Santa Claus to working out at the gym.

  1. @Buzzfeed

Just like all other social media platforms, Buzzfeed owns Insta too. You get a healthy mix of hilariousness mixed with a dose of newsworthy. Here’s a sample from their feed:


  1. @Chelsea Handler

We think Instagram and Chelsea Handler is a marriage made in heaven. Each one of her posts is sure to make you smile.


  1. @PeeJet

Ever fantasized about going on a date with your favorite celebrity? This dude does exactly that. The nly catch he does it virtually. He photoshops himself into pictures of celebrity outings, and the results are way hilarious than they should be.


  1. @Miserable Men

This one’s a global epidemic. Ever accompanied the fairer sex on a shopping spree? Then, you would understand what we’re talking about. This account posts photos of men accompanying women on shopping trips.


Men sleeping in front of trial rooms, men carrying a hundred odd bags, the list is never-ending.

  1. @Tinder Convos


Crazy things happen on Tinder. Now, you can get a laugh at the expense of others. This account posts real, funny tinder conversations that have been submitted by thousands of Tinder users.

  1. @KidsAreTheWorst

Come on, let’s all agree that parenting isn’t just lullabies and hugs and kisses. There are plenty of messes and never-ending chores to do. This account highlights all that parents undergo but from a hilarious perspective. If you’re a parent, you can very well relate to the posts here.


  1. @Oliveetoriel

If funny posters and captions are your favorite thing on the internet, then you’ll love this account. Sassy, smart and fun – you get the entire package.


  1. @TedTheStoner

If you’re looking for funny memes, quotes, sayings, videos of all the latest events across the world, then this page is a must follow.


  1. @Reidiculous_Ash

A regular girl who goes about her life with an extra dose of humor always.


  1. @Emi_Life

This guy recreates fashion photos in a fun, hilarious way, with things lying around the house. And, almost every time he recreates it perfectly.


  1. @Dog_Shaming

This account posts amusing notes written by dog owners, saying what their four-legged pals think.


Tickle your Funny Bone

This list is in no way exhaustive. We’re pretty sure that there are plenty more funny Instagram users who keep millions of followers LOLing throughout their day. Follow your favorite funny Insta accounts and take a quick break from your stressful life, whenever you need!

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