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Tips and Tricks to Manage Instagram Followers-Removing and Adding Followers

Instagram is a great platform to showcase your creativity, and if you own a business, offer a peek into your products.

With more than 150 million users on Instagram, one surely knows that if they want to really connect to the world, Instagram is the medium.

When it comes to managing followers on Instagram for individuals and businesses, having hundreds and thousands of followers becomes cumbersome and confusing.

Thankfully, there are multiple tools and methods you can employ to have a seamless experience on Instagram.


You can start with the easiest and most basic ways to delete pesky followers or undo certain changes you might have made in your follow list.

The Instagram App Way to Remove a Follower

Users with private accounts can follow the following steps to remove followers:

  1. Click on your profile, and tap on the “Followers” Option on top right corner.
  2. Browse through the list and spot the user you want to delete from your follow list.
  3. Tap   for Iphone or for android option found at right hand side of the follower you want to remove.
  4. The following option will pop up and you need to tap on the “Remove” option as pointed out by the arrow


There are some more additions to settings that Instagram added recently, to check them out you may click here

Solving the Dilemma-Getting Real Users after Deleting Fake ones

Now that you have gotten rid of unnecessary followers, you need to make up for the decline in your number of followers by getting new and genuine ones.

There are many websites that offer you quantity in followers but no quality, which means you may get ghost followers.

Quick Fans and Likes is a wonderful platform on which one has the option to get real (you heard it right) followers.

No ghosting, no fake profiles. Quick Fans and Likes has a professional team to assist you in managing your follower base on Instagram and they do not ask you for your account details like password.

Thus, they provide the safest possible process to purchase the package from them and increase your following on social media.

Your Followers don’t get to know about your Managing activity

You are free of the worry that your followers will have any access to information of yours regarding removing or adding old and new followers respectively, thanks to Quick Fans and Likes foolproof techniques for genuine process.

Why spend on Real Followers?

Purchasing following of real Instagram accounts is a safe and cost effective way of increasing your fan base on Instagram and building a reputation of reliability.

Your account not only becomes bulky (in a good way!) with followers but you also start to gain more credibility.

This cumulatively enables you a much more qualitative and high reach and leave a better impact.

To understand the impact of the number of followers you have, you can read this article.

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The Most Trustworthy Social Media Expert

Conventionally, building a fan base would require you to hire marketing experts and explain your projects in person.

But this is the era of everything being digitally accessible on the internet, and marketing on Instagram requires customized packages.

Quick Fans and Likes is a task-specific team of social media marketing experts, world renowned for their services.

To manage your followers in the most time bound and cost friendly manner, the website offers a range of services.

Some of them are listed as follows


 Safe and Secure-the Ethical Way

Unlike other third party websites, Quick Fans and Likes genuinely cares about your marketing needs, and aims to make a good following for your Instagram page without setting your goodwill at risk of suspension or penalty. \

The followers you gain via this channel are High Quality profiles.

As per your requirement of followers you want on the list, Quick Fans and Likes offers a range of packages, making the experience customised for you.

Additionally, if you are looking at building more credibility, you can check out this article  for getting a verified badge.


Not just Followers, Get Likes, Comments and Views

A wholesome Instagram experience does not just end at a following; it involves desired likes, comments and views as well. Quick Fans and Likes offers even more packages for you to get these services. The team curates Instagram Likes, Instagram Comments and post views to make your profile more worthy of attention.

Still in Doubt? Try Free Trial

At Quick Fans and Likes, you can choose an option of free trial to test the efficiency of how the team employs its social media marketing skills. To begin, visit

At no single cost, you are offered 20 new followers along with free likes.

All you have to do is subscribe to the Free Trial and provide your Instagram username.

Quick Fans and Likes provides a safe, free, secure and active service for your Instagram following.

You may later upgrade the instagram account with one of their paid plans as the paid plans give a bigger leap.

How to Purchage Package

Simply select the package you want to purchase, and click on “Buy Now” option and reverse the deleting of your followers that you just performed at the beginning of this post by adding real followers! Visit for more details

As you can see below, the purchasing process is absolutelt safe and secure. They just need your payment details, your instagram username and your email address:


At the beginning of this article you might have wondered how removing users off your list will help jumpstart your Instagram account following, but now that you have explored a one-stop way to manage your followers and keep adding more to the list, the Instagram life could not have been more fun and easier.

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