Deep Captions For Instagram

List 100+ Deep Captions For Instagram

Instagram posts, are definitely not complete without having relatable captions. Whether you’re a newbie to Instagram or a Professional Influencer, we all get stuck while trying to find the perfect Instagram caption.

It’s evident that not all of us are writers who can whip up interesting and deep captions within seconds.

It can be annoying when you can’t find the perfect caption when you feel so much at the same time.

There are times when you might feel ecstatic or times when you’re sad beyond belief, at times like these, you need to have the right caption to go along with your post.

If you’ve been searching for the right caption and aren’t able to find one, don’t worry! The collection of deep captions we have made you fall in love, or scream “Hell Yes!” since they’re so relatable.

Just simply choose the caption which you think is the most relatable and post your pictures with ease. These captions are the perfect way to express yourself.


Romantic Instagram Captions

  • You know what? I feel extremely loved when you’re around, I can’t afford to lose this feeling.
  • We go hand in hand like a cup and a saucer.
  • I’m extremely glad I found you; my very own person who builds me up when I fall apart.
  • It’s evident that what you and I have is extraordinary; it’s almost like one of the rarest things on the planet.
  • We’re way more than just flings. You and I are one special thing.
  • We may have some distance between us. We may fight a lot, but in the end, it’s just you and me who need to figure things out. We need to work on ourselves and our relationship.
  • I thank god every day for blessing me with a soulmate like you.
  • You know, I love the feeling I get when I’m with you, it’s almost like soft butterfly kisses while sitting in a garden.
  • I love being around you, I can’t miss this feeling.
  • You know I adore how perfectly we go together, it’s like we were made to fall in love.
  • I have this warm, fuzzy feeling when you hold my hand which tells me that you’re irreplaceable.
  • I love how we’re there for each other when everyone else turns their back on us.
  • You’re sort of like a walking stick for my blind soul.
  • I love the spark you get in your eyes when we talk, it tells me everything I need to know.
  • Can we just talk about everything and nothing at the same time?
  • I wonder why I still remember the first time we talked, it was like you told me every little thing about you without even talking.
  • I know you inside and out and I love how amazing you are.

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Sad Captions for Instagram


  • I remember the exact moment when you lied to me and the exact feeling I had at that time. It was like being stabbed in the chest
  • You poisoned my life with your sweet nectar and I don’t know what I regret more; falling for you or falling for you hard?
  • I swear, my only hobby was loving you until I realized that you were poison for my soul.
  • I don’t know why I said I couldn’t lose you when you clearly wanted to run away.
  • It was hard at first knowing that you didn’t love me the way I loved you back, it was like being denied to go to your favorite shop or having a bite of your ice cream.
  • You know, I didn’t fall in love with you. I fell in love with the idea of someone so perfect loving me back.
  • I don’t know why, but I still have this feeling that you would come back when you’re clearly pressing your lips against hers.
  • Loving you was easy, but losing you? That was the hardest thing I had to go through.
  • I loved how contagious your laugh was until I realized that you were laughing at me and not with me.
  • I adored how your smile had its own way of making me smile, but now I realize that it was poison.
  • My friends were more than friends for me until I realized that I was only a piece of tissue they wanted to use at times.
  • I realized that it was easier to break my own heart than learning to break yours.
  • Being with you at 3AM was great, but a lunch date 3PM was even better.
  • I love how many memories we had until I realized that the only ones left behind were extremely painful.
  • You know, it was amazing that I got to create so many memories with you until I watched these memories turn into nightmares.
  • Your voice still haunts me at night. It’s almost like the worst pain which takes over me completely.
  • I was a coward when I lost every single fear and then started to fear that I would lose you.
  • There are times when I just sit in a corner and cry because crying allows me to get rid of all the pain I can’t seem to get rid of otherwise.
  • I loved smiling a lot until I realized that smiling without your is impossible.
  • You highlighted every flaw of mine when I hid every one of yours.
  • It is imperative that you learn to respect and love yourself before falling in love with someone else. That’s because there are times when you forget how much you deserve while being with your significant other.
  • You must follow your dreams because only they will lead you to your destination.
  • Try to be a better person, not for those around you, not for your friends, not for strangers but only for yourself.
  • Whenever you feel like you’re not worth it, take a deep breath and count all the times you were there for yourself. Make yourself realize that just because times are hard right now, they won’t stay the same all the time.

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