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How to Resolve Checkpoint Required Instagram Error?

As per a report on CNBC, Instagram now has more than 500 million users who use their photo-sharing app on a daily basis.

While this is considerably lower than Facebook which is used by more than 1.47 billion users daily, it is still an excellent platform for individual users as well as businesses.

But just like every other popular social networking website or app, Instagram has its share of errors and glitches too.


While Instagram is regularly updating its platform to eliminate the glitches and fix the errors, users regularly face a few of them on a consistent basis.

While some of them are actual flaws, others are just security measures by Instagram to keep the platform safe and protected.

One such error which has been reported by a lot of users in the past few months is the “Checkpoint required” error.

When people try to login to their Instagram account, the “Checkpoint required” message jumps on the screen and remains as it is no matter how many times you try to login again.

What is this error? How can you resolve this? Read this post to find out.

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What is “Checkpoint required” error?

Rather than being an error, the “Checkpoint required” message is actually a security feature implemented by Instagram.

There are two reasons due to which the error generally pops up on your screen when you try to login to your Instagram account.

The first reason is difference in your geographic location.

If you generally access your account from one place and then travel to a different city, state, or province and try to login to your account, you’ll see this error.

Instagram sees this as a hack attempt and wants you to verify your identity before you can access your account again.

The second reason is using a 3rd party app to login to your Instagram account.

If you use any unauthorized 3rd party app for accessing your account, this too is seen as a hack attempt by Instagram.

Just like above, you need to verify your identity to be able to login to your account again.

Most of these unauthorized apps are used by people to get Instagram followers, likes and comments.

This is the reason why one should only rely on trustworthy platforms to buy Instagram likes, followers, comments and shares.

However, it is also possible that you’ve not tried to login to your account from a different place or device and are not using any 3rd party app but you  still see this error.

In such cases, someone might have actually tried to hack into your Instagram account.

If this is the case, make sure that you quickly get in touch with Instagram support and change the password of your account.

How to resolve “Checkpoint required” error?

If the error is only because you’ve tried to login to your account account from a different place or are using a 3rd party app, there are two ways to resolve this error.

While the first solution would eliminate this problem for most people, you can use the second method if the error is not resolved.

  • Solution 1

If you see a “Checkpoint required” error on your mobile when you try to login to your Instagram account, go to from your computer.

You should be able to login to your account from the desktop site.

Once you’re in, there will be a pop-up on your screen which will ask you to confirm the login attempt.


Simply click on “It was me” button and then try to login to your account from the mobile app.

This should resolve the error.

  • Solution 2

If you’ve tried the above solution and the error is still there, follow the steps mentioned below-

Go to from your computer or laptop and login to your account.

Now, click on the “Edit Profile” button.

On the next screen, scroll down and look for “Temporarily disable my account” button.

Click on it and select the reason as “Just need a break”. Enter your account password and your account will be disabled temporarily.

Now, wait for about 3-4 hours and do not try to login to your account during this period.

After waiting, try to login to your account from your mobile app and the error should be gone for good.

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Several businesses now use many different types of 3rd party services and apps to get more followers, likes and comments.

Instagram has started blocking these services and apps in order to make the platform more secure.

Even if any of the app or service you are using works flawlessly, it’ll surely get blocked sooner or later.

Thus, it’d be better if you look for an online platform where you can buy Instagram followers, likes and comments without the need for any such apps that require account access.

These online service providers only require your Instagram username to deliver the followers, likes and comments, making them completely safe and secure.

Now that you know how the “Checkpoint required” error can be resolved, use the solutions and share them with others to use Instagram in the best possible way to improve brand awareness.

More importantly, only use reputed platforms to buy Instagram views, followers, likes and comments to ensure that you never have to struggle with such errors in future.

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