Attitude Captions for Instagram

100+ Attitude Captions for Instagram- ‘Cos Life’s Better with a Bit of Attitude

A positive attitude helps you develop a winning mindset. Improved self-confidence, optimism, and inner strengths are some of the other benefits that you can experience with positivity.

And when you have achieved that positivity, why not share it with your Instagram followers too?


No matter if you are an individual user or one of the 25 million+ business profiles on Instagram, cool attitude captions are always a big hit among the followers.

For your next Instagram post, use one of these amazing attitude captions

75+ Cool attitude captions

  1. I am a bit classy which reflects my attitude and my personality.
  2. Bitch, like me for who I am, I will not be changing. Take me or leave me. It’s fucking simple.
  3. I don’t care what you think about me unless you think I’m freaking awesome. So in that case, carry on my friend. ‘
  4. Backbitching- Don’t talk what people said about me. Tell me why they were cozy saying to you.
  5. Become an ODD in the crowd to become number ONE.
  6. My Attitude Forecast: Moody AF.
  7. I have reached a point in my life where I don’t need to impress anyone. I don’t want to explain myself.
  8. Take me or watch me as I leave.
  9. Be Yourself, who else has been qualified for this?
  10. Smile and it will scare your enemy.
  11. I am not weird babe; I just fall outside the crowd of this world.
  12. If you think me as a BAD person, trust me, bitch, I am worst.
  13. Oh Shit, Global warming made me hot.
  14. What others say about me is none of my business.
  15. Love me or not I am still gonna shine.
  16. Don’t try to fix me; I am not a broken shit.
  17. Either choose me or fuck yourself; I’m not a second option.
  18. Either I win or I learn from it, there is no lose shit out there.
  19. Become a warrior.
  20. The greatest happiness is doing things what people cannot do.
  21. Become strong and wipe your tears out. Get your ass on work and be fucking awesome.
  22. My attitude keeps changing from person to person.
  23. Tit for Tat.
  24. Only powerful minds can afford a simple and lavish style.
  25. It’s all about the attitude, so pick one.
  26. Either you control your attitude or else it will control you. Simple as that.
  27. Think positive. Don’t think of what might become wrong, think about what could go right.
  28. Start today and you’ll be halfway there.
  29. Whenever you feel like quitting, think about why you’ve started.
  30. Train your brain to see good in everything.
  31. Things won’t get better unless you put your effort into it.
  32. Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.
  33. Today’s attitude forecast of me: My silence is my attitude.
  34. Be single and focus on your goals.
  35. Rather being in a relationship be with someone with whom you can build an empire and make some money.
  36. I was Born to be intelligent, but this education.
  37. Oh so you’re ignoring me, I don’t care bitch.
  38. Be a proton in someone’s negative world.
  39. Hold your head up and focus on your goals.
  40. Always look up UNLESS you got a help someone.
  41. Success becomes your attitude.
  42. Surround yourself with some great minds and with great ideas.
  43. Hey, I found something under my shoes, Oh it’s your attitude.
  44. Meeting me for the first time. My personality is different from my attitude and depends from person to person.
  45. Treat me better and I’ll make sure I will treat you good.
  46. I am a Bad person with good attitude.
  47. A person having a bad attitude will never move forward.
  48. Beware of me if you’re thinking of hurting me. Karma is a real bitch.
  49. Beautiful things happen with good people who are far from negativity.
  50. Invest your time in the person who can lift you up not in someone who drags you lower down.
  51. It’s not too late, and Age is no barrier.
  52. Live freely and forget all the negativity of your life.
  53. I don’t care about your opinion, I am awesome.
  54. Release your own FONT. Don’t become bad handwriting.
  55. I me and myself- PRIORITIES.
  56. Never try to fit in other shoes. Wear your own personality.
  57. I don’t want to explain myself to someone who cannot understand me. I know I’m right.
  58. All that matters, in the end, is how you treat me. Simple.
  59. Become the best version of yourself in-front of creepy people.
  60. I am not a dice, don’t play with me. I am a really bad
  61. If you think you’re the bad, oh bitch I am your Dad. Beware.
  62. If you can’t bear to listen to the truth, then don’t ask me for my opinion
  63. Keep your ego and attitude in the pocket when talking with me.
  64. I have learned to never forget the bad things done on me.
  65. Life Lessons- Follow your heart and you will halfway to your goals.
  66. Always listen to your heart above all the heard bad voices.
  67. Love becomes war if you think it is easy to start and impossible to forget.
  68. Life goals- If you don’t treat me right then FUCK OFF!
  69. What’s Attitude- Wear your invisible crown!
  70. I am the fear and I am the Game!
  71. If you don’t like me, bitches raise your standard.
  72. Others laugh at me because I am different but they don’t know the reason behind my laughter and that are these fools.
  73. Wear your own style, Don’t Copy mine.
  74. Hey there! Be there and work your ass off.
  75. It’s difficult to make fools understand your thoughts, rather be quiet.
  76. The modern era is surrounded by smartphones and stupid peoples. BEWARE
  77. Hey, If you’re gonna become a two face personality, babe at-least make one pretty out of it.
  78. People with attitude don’t need another attitude.
  79. Fitness is the new attitude. Wear it in style
  80. Dare to dream and dream to become one.
  81. Hey, morning put your positive pants on and be freaking awesome.
  82. The one who dares wins.
  83. The real power of ME is ME.
  84. Don’t be so quick to judge me; it is I choose what I want to show you.
  85. Understand this; you’re the driver of your own life. Drive safely.
  86. I am not always AVAILABLE; Try your luck some other time.
  87. The key to being happy – Positivity
  88. If you don’t want to be wrong, never judge me.
  89. If you want to shine be alone- SUN is an example
  90. I never care about popularity rather I live in reality.

35+ Attitude captions for girls

  1. Women are wiser because they understand more.
  2. It takes one bad boyfriend to realize what you have done wrong.
  3. Treat me like a princess and I’ll make sure I will treat you like a king.
  4. Understand this- If a girl tells you to leave her alone, it means to be with her.
  5. I may not be the girl that everyone wants in their life, but I want to become a girl that everyone had before.
  6. Girls who have a vision in their life deserve it all.
  7. A man who is a master of patience deserves one great lady in his life.
  8. I wear glasses because I need them to see wonderful things.
  9. Life isn’t smooth, but my hair is.
  10. I am Cute but psycho.
  11. Never hurt the girl, you have not seen her inside a volcano.
  12. Girls run on lipstick, coffee and on the sexy figure.
  13. A girl with a dream becomes a woman with a straight vision.
  14. Girls saying- Once a queen always a queen and be awesome.
  15. Girls wear their own invisible crown, it’s their attitude.
  16. No matter how she looks, if she’s confident, she’s sexy from the rest of the world.
  17. Some girls are born with glitter and shine in their face.
  18. Girls who are self-dependent are strong and beautiful. That’s enough.
  19. Hey girls, Be Brave and Be You. It’s all that matters.
  20. No beauty ever gets to shines brighter than their good heart.
  21. Girls- Be fearlessly amazing
  22. Pink is not just a color but an emotion.
  23. Embrace the beauty of a girl.
  24. Single girls are the best humans as they can do what they want in their life.
  25. You’re the king and so I am your queen.
  26. Girls flaunt in their own way.
  27. Girls who are prettiest are the one who is happy.
  28. Hey you, I’m not short, I’m cute. Now bye.
  29. Girls feel their vibes and they’re awesome.
  30. Once a girl said, I wanna spend the rest of my life laughing and enjoying my own mess.
  31. I’m a vibe you can’t handle.
  32. Kill them with your kindness and bury them with your sarcasm.
  33. BEWARE GIRLS- Trust no man!
  34. Keep your head and heels high than other standards.
  35. Understand this, never lower your standard for a guy, if he deserves you he will raise it for you.
  36. It’s Ray of fucking sunshine and I’ll be awesome today!
  37. I am a Strong woman since I am raised by a strong soul.
  38. She believed, and so she did it.
  39. I am that story in a book that makes someone’s eyes to dream of. BEWARE!
  40. Adore yourself the most and you will never need anyone in your life.

30+ Attitude captions for boys

  1. I am responsible for what I say not for what you understand and pretend about me.
  2. Be freaking awesome and work hard for your goals.
  3. Always keep your head high and face towards sunlight.
  4. Boys who are silent are the loudest ones.
  5. Boys with a positive attitude will make you lead to positive results. Now it’s up to you what you wanna choose.
  6. I don’t care about your pretentions unless you’re thinking I am awesome.
  7. If you don’t like me, it’s your fault! I will remain the same.
  8. Winning personality attracts good brains. Become one
  9. All Men having a great mind are born to succeed and rule the world.
  10. Boys with sexy imagination are way more attractive than other boys.
  11. Hey girls, look into my eyes. It’s where my devil hides.
  12. If you like my personality, then raise your hands and if now, then raise your fucking standards.
  13. Never settle for small things. You’re born to rule!
  14. I am who I am and I won’t change for some shitty persons.
  15. Hey girls, either take me or watch me as I leave.
  16. I am freaking different from everyone.
  17. My personality is a bit cranky but I may have a violent reaction when I meet way too stupid peoples.
  18. I am Awesome and thus you’re Ugly.
  19. Boys with good persona and great imagination are the guys who are loved by girls. BECOME ONE.
  20. Boys with attractive personality are born to express.
  21. My opinions are mine and if you have a problem, then don’t ask again for my opinions.
  22. I have realized one thing in my life and that is what people think is none of my business.
  23. My Attitude is totally based on you. So treat me good and I’ll make sure I will treat you better.
  24. I have tried being like others. I have enjoyed being wearing my personality.
  25. Boys, wear your Style and personality rather than copying one.
  26. In the end, it all matters about the ATTITUDE.
  27. Boys with high standards are the one who is liked by all.
  28. If you think I Gotta attitude, it’s my personality and you should also have yours.
  29. Boys with beards are the REAL MAN.
  30. Trust no one and you will be happy.
  31. Once a man said, surround yourself with good friends and shine brightly.
  33. Become the best version of yourself and see everyone will love you.
  34. A Boy with patience is way too smarter than other boys.
  35. Always stay true to yourself! Be Kind and ruin the world.

40 Savage Captions for Instagram

  1. They told me I couldn’t that’s why I did.
  2. Not always ‘Available’, you can try your luck though.
  3. Silent people have the loudest minds.
  4. Never settle.
  5. Don’t try to follow me. I’m already lost.
  6. Be a warrior and not a worrier.
  7. I am who I am today because of the choice I made yesterday.
  8. You cannot spell awesoME without ME.
  9. My attitude is based on how you treat me.
  10. Go out and chase your dreams no matter how crazy it looks.
  11. Losing is not an option. You either win or you learn.
  12. Don’t copy. Pick your own style.
  13. Lay a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at you.
  14. Successful people never worry about what others are doing.
  15. Either you control your attitude or it controls you.
  16. I will either find a way or make one.
  17. Either take me as I am or watch me leave.
  18. Never change in order for people to like you. Just be you are and the real people will always love the real you.
  19. Does my sparkle burn your eyes?
  20. I’m not special. Just limited edition.
  21. Love me or hate me, I’m still gonna shine.
  22. Calm over chaos.
  23. I found your nose. It was all up in my business again.
  24. Insanity: A perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.
  25. It always seems impossible until its done.
  26. Hope you look beautiful today, but not as beautiful as me.
  27. You sir, just made it to my hate list.
  28. Aside from gravity, nothing can keep me down.
  29. My opinions might have changed but the fact that I’m right remains the same.
  30. Don’t let someone dim your light, simply because it’s shining brightly in their eyes.
  31. Winners focus on winning, losers focus on the winners.
  32. Why chase you when I’m the catch?
  33. Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.
  34. Be as picky with men, as you are with selfies.
  35. Coffee in one hand. Confidence in other.
  36. Adopting the right attitude can turn your negativity into positivity.
  37. I think like a proton. Always positive.
  38. Attitude is a choice. Optimism and kindness is a choice. Happiness is a choice too. It is your choice that makes you. So, choose wisely.
  39. An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.
  40. Busy making improvements, not excuses.

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Brutal Lines from Movies for Instagram Captions

  1. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn- Gone with the Wind
  2. You talkin’ to me? – Taxi driver
  3. Now I have a machine gun. Ho, ho, ho- Die hard
  4. May the Force be with you- Star Wars
  5. Go ahead. Make my day- Dirty Harry
  6. Murdock, I’m coming to get you- Rambo: First Blood Part II
  7. I’ll be back- The Terminator
  8. Show me the money- Jerry Maguire
  9. The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good- Wall Street
  10. You had me at hello- Jerry Maguire
  11. Forgiveness is between them and God. It’s my job to arrange the meeting- Man on Fire
  12. Oh, yes, there will be blood- Saw II
  13. To infinity and beyond- Toy Story
  14. I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way- Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  15. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer- The Godfather Part II
  16. Ever danced with the Devil by the pale moonlight? – Batman
  17. Pay no attention to that men behind the curtain- The Wizard of Oz
  18. They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom- Braveheart
  19. I don’t want to survive, I want to live- 12 Years a Slave

15 Harsh Yet Hilarious Instagram Captions

  1. I’m an odd combination of “really sweet” and “don’t mess with me”.
  2. I hate it when you have to be nice to someone you really want to throw a brick at.
  3. Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open.
  4. True friends don’t judge each other. They judge other people…together!
  5. A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.
  6. I’m smiling. That alone should scare you.
  7. I stopped fighting my inner demons. We’re on the same sides now.
  8. As I have grown older, I’ve learned that it is impossible to please everyone, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.
  9. You never know what you have until…you clean your room.
  10. When nothing seems right…go left.
  11. Society is funny. First they ask you to be yourself and then they judge you.
  12. I’m having technical difficulties with my attitude today. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Avoidance is highly recommended for your own safety.
  13. Be like a postal stamp. Stick to a thing until you get there.
  14. Apparently, I have an attitude. Who knew!
  15. I you have a problem with me, call me. If you don’t have my number, then that means you don’t know me well enough to have a problem.

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